What are examples of products with elastic and inelastic supply?

some examples of elastic and inelastic supply are:


  1. Gasoline is a really good example. When gasoline prices dip, everyone drives in to fill up their tank. In this case, when price drops slightly, quantity purchased jumps drastically. Although people "need" gasoline, people will tend to treat it as an elastic product.


  1. Products like Tobacco or Insulin. Although prices may increase for these products, customers will not hesitate to engage in a transaction. This is especially true with products like insulin which is literally a matter of life and death. The only reason why production companies like this don't increase prices of insulin is because of fear of government regulation.

Note: the above answers are wrong. They are about elasticity of DEMAND, not SUPPLY like the question calls for. Goods with an elastic supply are those that require little capital, no hard-to-find resources, and no skilled labor force. The more of these items a good requires, the less elastic its supply will be.