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What are examples of rhizomes?

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Examples of Rhizomes - Calla Liles, Cannas, Bearded Iris, Water Lilies

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What are some examples of rhizomes plants?

the examples of rhizomes is gingerZinger and yam

Example of rhizomes?

Rhizomes are what plants use for food storage. Some examples of rhizomes are ginger, bamboo, and even some species of the iris flower.

What is a rhizomes definition?

what is a rhizomes

5 examples of asexual reproduction of plants?

# cuttings # layering # divisions # grafting # tubers and rhizomes

What are the Venus Flytrap's rhizomes?

The Venus Flytrap's rhizomes are their roots.

What plants have rhizomes?

Rhizomes are special root systems that are found in some plants. Plants that have rhizomes include bamboo, ginger, and ferns.

Do monocots have rhizomes?

Some monocots, crabgrass, send out rhizomes for plant reproduction.

What is difference between rhizomes and stem tubers?

rhizomes are underground horizontal stems tubers are enlarged underground stems

Do ferns have rhizomes?

yes. Rhizomes are basically stems that run along the ground. They help roots support the height of the plant. They (ferns) require moist environments because the rhizomes can't reach far for water.

What plants reproduce by rhizomes?


Do rhizomes all produce flowers?


Which comos flower is a perenial?


Are grasses rhizomes?

No, but there are many grass species that propogate rhizomes to spread their daughter tillers around. Quack grass is a good example of this.

Do ferns reproduce bulbs?

no, ferns have rhizomes

Fronds grow from what fern structures?


What do bulbs rhizomes and tubers have in common?


Mosses grow from special cells called what?

Mosses grow from special cells called rhizomes. The rhizomes are the ones that will produce rhizoids which stems will grow from.

What is a common food for rhizome?

Rhizomes are essentially underground stems, also referred to as rootstalks or creeping rootstalks. Ginger, tumeric, and galangal are popular, edible rhizomes.

What various irises with fragrant rhizomes?

the word is Orris

How do nonvascular plants get the water they need?

osmosis or rhizomes

How is ginger produced?

Gingers, reproduce through their rhizomes.

Plants reproduce asexually from runners and rhizomes?


Is sweet potato rhizomes?

no a sweet potato is a tubers

Are tubers and rhizomes are part of the root system?


Which structures are part of asexual reproduction in some plants?

Examples of structures that are part of asexual reproduction in some plants are rhizomes and bulbs. Asexual reproduction results in offspring that are similar genetically to the parent.