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What are extremely reactive electrons?

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Are valence electrons reactive or nonreactive?

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Why are electrons so reactive?

Electrons are no reactive by itself but they are important in chemical reactions - valence electrons.

Elements in the second group have two outer shell electrons and are extremely reactive are called?

Alkaline earth metals

How reactive is chromium?

just reactive. not extremely but still reactive

How reactive is cesium?

Cesium is extremely reactive.

What electrons are the reactive particles of the atoms?

The Outermost Electrons are the reactive particles of the atoms.

Is caesium reactive or non reactive?

Caesium is an extremely reactive chemical element.

What is the location of the alkali metals that are extremely reactive?

yes they are extremely reactive. They are inn the 1st group.

Are halogens reactive?

Yes, halogens are extremely reactive.

Is sodium a reactive metal?

Yes, sodium is extremely reactive.

What is potassium most reactive with?

potassium is extremely reactive to water.

Why is'nt nitrogen reactive?

Nitrogen is reactive. But not very reactive because of the amount of electrons it has.

If an element has a total of 86 electrons is it inert reactive or non reactive?

This is radon, it has a full outer shell of electrons, so it is technically non reactive

Is helium reactive?

Helium is an extremely non-reactive chemical element.

Does two valence electrons is a reactive or non reactive?

The outer shell of an atom is most stable or non reactive with 8 electrons. 1 or 2 valence electrons would be reactive. It also would depend if it's bonded with another element.

Are valence electrons the reactive parts of an atom?

reactive parts of an electron?

Why is fluorine and chlorine in the same group of the periodic table?

Both have 7 valence electrons making them extremely reactive and are members of the halogens (salt makers).

Is kevlar reactive?

No - it is extremely inert

How do you know if a metal is reactive?

Look at a periodic table. The number of electrons on the outer shell of an element, called "valence electrons" determine how easily it reacts with other elements. The more valence electrons, the less reactive, up to a "full octet" of 8 electrons. 8 = Least reactive, 1 = Most reactive

How reactive are the elements in group 18?

The elements in group 18 are extremely reactive and re reffered to as the noble gases********************2nd Opinion ******************The elements in group 18 are extremelyun-reactive.

What is the electron shell that contains the most reactive electrons?

No electrons are reactive. Electrons can, under the huge majority of circumstances, only be removed starting from the outermost, working inwards.

Are atoms with fewer electrons more reactive?

Atoms are more reactive depending on how close they are to obtaining a full outer shell of electrons.

Is fluorine a reactive or stable element?

Fluorine is non-radioactive but chemically extremely reactive.

Is bromine chemically reactive or inert?

Bromine, as a group 17 halogen, is extremely reactive

What arrangement of valence electrons makes an element non reactive?

An atom is non reactive when the outermost shell has the maximun of 8 valence electrons.