What are facts about Cody Simpson?

Well, that's a REALLY general question. But I'll give it a try.
1. He LOVES ketchup and cereal. He eats ketchup on almost everything as has cereal everyday.
2. If he had a purple llama, he said he would name him George Simpson
3. He was born on Sat. Jan. 11th at 7:46 AM.
4. He has a sister named Alli (13) and a brother named Tom (8)
5. His official twitter is @CodySimpson it's very simple.
6. If he could be an animal he said he would be a dolphin because he loves the ocean and sea life, especially dolphins.
7. He has two albums which are: EP 4 U and Coast To Coast
8. He has just under 2,000,000 followers on twitter
9. His first youtube videos were when he was 11 mostly singing Justin Timberlake (His favorite singer)
10. He has a dog that is a mix of a maltiese and a poodle that is white and her name is Molly. Cody left her home in Australia, but goes back to visit family, and when he does, he visits Molly.
11. He claims he has a six-pack which is what he said on Ellen but WILL NOT prove it.
12. Cody had a choice between singing and swimming, he could have gone into the olimpics, but he chose singing, still learning lessons from his swimming life.
13. He has a tutor that goes to his house in California to teach him, he is homeschooled, not even a private school.
14. He is just about to end his Coast to Coast tour.

15. His fovorite color is green I believe.

There is MANY more I just didn't know what kinds of facts you wanted but here is 15! Hope it helped... on what ever you are doing... !