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Some facts about Dandong, China are: * Renamed from Andong in 1965. * The Seat of Government is the Zhenxing District. * Total area is 14,910 kilometers squared. * Estimated population is 2,390,000 people. * As of January 2008, the mayor is Chen Tiexin. * Area code is 0415. * Sister city is Wilmington, North Carolina, United States of America, and Doncaster, United Kingdom (Great Britain). * Located in the Liaoning Province, China. * Located on the Yalu River. * Divided into 3 districts, 2 cities, and 1 autonomous county: the Zhènxīng District, the Yuánbăo District, the Zhèn'ān District, Fèngchéng City, Dōnggăng City, and the Kuāndiàn Mănzhú County.

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Q: What are facts about Dandong China?
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