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Your Excel is most likely an Iver Johnson product sold by Montgomery Ward from around 1910 until (whenever they stopped selling guns) probably around 1968. If it is a sidelock with outside hammers, it may be a bit older and made by Crescent or imported from Belgium for H&D Folsom of New York. Value for most old (and even new) single shots seems to be about $75-$80, but a 410 could bring twice that from the "right" buyer.

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Q: What are facts about Excel single shot shotguns?
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Who manufactured a single shot shotgun 16 gauge with Excel stamped on it?

Excel was a trade name used by HD Folsom Arms and Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works on shotguns made for Montgomery Wards.

Who made sears single shot shotguns?

Jc higgins

What type of markings did store brand shotguns have on single shot shotguns?

the store brand and gauge for starters.

1901 wedgeway arms co shotguns need information on wedgeway arms single shot shotguns over 100 years old?

want to know where the wedgeway arms company was and what one of their single shot shotguns would be worth

When were the western arms shotguns made single shot?

Turn of the century

What are the shotguns that open?

Over Under, Side by Side, single shot.

What is the cheapest shotguns?

Cheapest new shotguns are probably the NEF single shot break-actions which run a little over $100.

Who built ranger single shot 12gauge shotguns? has a store brand chart.

What does a tranquilizer gun look like?

They look like a single shot shotgun- since they are made by a company that MAKES single shot shotguns. The tranquilzer dart is about as big as your finger.

How old is your savage 16 gauge model 220 single shot manufactured in Utica NY?

The value of these single shot shotguns is ranging between 45-130 dollars.

How much is a Excel single shot 410 rifle worth?


How old is a Excel single shot 20 gauge shotgun?


What years did Iver Johnson make 410 single shot shotgun?

Iver Johnston made 4 different models of single shot shotguns from the year 1909-1978.The model 36 champion was from 1909-1922,the champion model 39 was from 1909-1916.the excel model was from 1910-1935,and finally the champion single barrel model from 1923-1978.

Are 24 or 32 gauge single barrel shotguns available anywhere in the world?

There are numerous newly made folding single shot 24 and 32 gauge shotguns on I think the cost is under $200.00 for these.

What year is a Stevens Model 94H single shot 12 gauge shot gun serial?

I can say that Stevens began production of the model 94 single shot shotguns in the year 1929.and finished in the year 1945.

Where can you find info on a top break 16 gauge single barrel shotgun with the only marking is EXCEL on the side?

I have a 16 guage Excel single shot. At the base of the trigger guard is the # 90425XG. It was given to my father-in-law about 70 years ago. Other than that I don't know the exact age of the gun. -- Montgomery Wards -- EXCEL was a trade name used by Montgomer Wards on shotguns they retailed c.1900-1920. Some of the shotguns were made by Iver Johnson, some were sold to Wards by H&D Folsom (and were probably Crescent manufacture).

Who manufactured 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?

Numerous companies in many countries have made single shot 12 gauge shotguns.

What are the different types of guns?

There are many different types. There are pistols, rifles and shot guns. Pistols can be semi auto or single shot or a revolver. Rifles can be semi auto or full auto or bolt action or single shot or lever action. Shotguns can be semi auto or pump or single or double shot.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Excel single shot shotgun with the numbers B10071E?

Under $100.

How much is your savage 940b worth?

Single-shot shotguns are generally just utility guns and sell for $100 tops.

How many bullets or cart does old style shot gun hold?

Many early shotguns were single shot muzzleloaders. Some were double-barrel with barrels arranged side-by-side. This is also true of later breach-loading shotguns. The action style for these single and double-barrel breachloaders is 'break-open'.

How much is a sprinfield-j Stevens 12 gauge single shot worth?

The worth of any firearm, depends on the supply and demand of that firearm, however, single shot, shotguns avg around 90 to 110

Are airsoft multi-shot shotguns more popular or are single-shot more popular?

This question depends on what you want. Most people like 3 round burst shotguns for cqb because less aiming is required allowing you to jump out from cover and fire fast enough to not get hit. For outdoors single shot shotguns are generally preferred because they shoot farther, are more accurate, and have higher fps. So it just depends on where you play or what play style you have.

Does steel shot work in all shotguns?

NO. Early shotguns have softer steel barrels, and are not rated for steel shot. It will damage the choke of the shotgun.

Where can you find parts on a single shot EXCEL shotgun?

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation have most, if not all of the parts for an Excel shotgun. They are located in West Hurley, NY.