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From your limited description, I'd say: Probably 1890-1914. No, not safely. Very little ($125-$150 as a mantle decoration).

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Q: What are facts about Liege Ranger SxS made in Belgium?
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Who is the manufacturer of a side by side shotgun stamped A Godefroid J Lejeune Fauve Succ Liege?

The makers are the two listed. Liege is the city in Belgium where it was made.

How old is a 410 Liege double barrel shotgun serial 5140?

Liege is the city in Belgium where it was made. Would need to know ALL the markings on the shotgun.

When and Where was a Browning A5 Magnum with serial number OV26926 made at?

It was made in 1960 in Herstal Belgium. Herstal is a suburb of the city of Liege in Eastern Belgium. The company that made all Belgium Brownings is Fabrique Nationale or better known as FN.

When did Browning initially stop manufacturing shotguns in Belgium?

They didnt. The Superposed and Liege shotguns are still made in Belgium. Auto-5's were moved to Japan in 1976.

When and Where was a Browning A5 Magnum with serial number 69v41548 made at?

Made in 1969, this gun was manufactured in Liege Belgium at the Fabrique Nationale Firearms plant.

When and where was a browning auto 5 12guage 3 magnum with a serial number of 2V45673 made?

This gun was made in Liege Belgium at the Fabrique Nationale Gun Factory in 1962.

Who manufactured a 20 gauge side by side shotgun with an inscription reading Raich Freres a Liege?

It was made by Raich Brothers (Freres) of Leige, Belgium.

What is a Belgian proof on a crescent firearm?

A small oval, containing the letters ELG, stamped into the metal of a firearm, would indicate the gun was made in Belgium, and was tested by the government Proof House in Liege Belgium.

What is the Belgium browning fn shotgun?

There are many different models of Browning shotguns that were made in Belgium by the Fabrique Nationale manufacturing plant in Liege/Herstal. The oldest of which is the Auto-5 Automatic Shotgun which began in 1903. Some Superposed shotguns are still made there.

What kind of small revolver has E L G in a circle and 27 on the trigger?

A small revolver that was made in Belgium. ELG is the proof mark for the Belgian proofhouse at Liege, Belgium. All guns made in Belgium were sent to the proofhouse, to be tested (proved) by inspection, and firing with a special high powered cartridge (proof load).

Who in Belgium made a ten round revolver?

There were some pinfire revolvers made in Belgium during the mid-1800's that had a 10-shot cylinder. Typically .31 caliber or smaller. These were manufactured by various guilds in the Liege area and are not attributed to one specific maker.

I have a John buckingham 12ga shotgun made by pieper with the serial 47765 when found the gun had a leather boot with leather fringe on the stock and sewn in sand for a recoil pad where was it made?

There was a Henri Pieper Arms company or small plant in Liege Belgium in the late 1880's. This was one of seven gun makers in Liege Belgium that joined forces to make militaryrifles. This group eventually evolved into the famous Company "Fabrique Nationale" or "FN".

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