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Any of several species of deep-bodied, carnivorous fishes in the genus Serrasalmus (family Characidae), abundant in rivers of eastern and central South America and noted for voracity. The red-bellied piranha (S. nattereri) grows to 2 ft (60 cm) long, but most species are smaller. Some species are silvery with an orange belly and throat; others are almost completely black. All have sharp, saw-edged teeth that close in a scissorlike bite. Traveling in groups, they usually prey on other fishes, but red-bellied piranhas occasionally converge on larger animals. Though generally scavengers, they are attracted to the scent of blood and can quickly reduce even a large animal to a skeleton.

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Where do piranas live?

Piranas live in the Amazon, down in Brazil.

What do piranas eat?

just about anything

Is a piranas a vertebrate or invertebrate?


What are the dangers in the Amazon River?

Piranas & Anacondas

Do piranas live in fresh or salt water?


Can piranas eat you alive?

yes they can eat you alive

Do red belly piranas really have to be kept in odd numbers?


Are piranas extinct?

No, piranhas still thrive in the Amazon River.

Do piranas smell?

yes. they do. like any normal fish.

What kind of carnivore lives in a swamp?

aligators an sometimes piranas

What eats steelhead trout?

bears and some people feed them to piranas

Do piranas eat fish?

Yes they do, any type that will fit in their mouth.

Can pirahnas eat humans?

Yes they can so if you want piranas careful with the feeding

What cheat codes are available for feed us 2?

eat me- all piranas

How do you reduce your fear of swimming pools lakes and open ocean due to the fear that sharks piranas and octopi may be dwelling there?

Learn where sharks, piranas, and octopuses live and what they eat. Then check statistics on the rate that they kill or eat swimmers.

What can you do on a river?

Swim, Canoe, Kayak, Boating, Swing into it, be careful for piranas and gators and things...

Are piranhas dinosaurs?

Even though the piranas are not dinosaurs, their ancestors were some of the fiercest ocean-dwelling dinosaurs.

Has a pirana or piranas ever killed a person?

Yes because of their razor sharp teeth and their craving for human flesh.

How do giant otters eat piranas?

Yes, piranhas are one of the many species of fish preferred by the giant otter.

What do Giant otter do?

The giant otter eats piranas. I learned on the animal plantet. The giant otter is also indangered!

What do giant otters eat?

The giant otter eats piranas. I learned on the animal plantet. The giant otter is also indangered!

What species live in Amazon river?

piranas, sharks, gilla monsters, some canibals, jellyfish, tigers, lions, lygers

What do Giant otter eat?

The giant otter eats piranas. I learned on the animal plantet. The giant otter is also indangered!

What are some fish that live in shallow freshwater?

crayfish, bettas, samon, trout, catfish, piranas, goldfish, snails, and alot more

What eats a piranas?

Piranhas are eaten by Otters, bigger fish like sharks and also dolphins and crocodiles eat piranhas :) hope i helped!!

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