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Utica Firearms Company guns were manufactured by Crescent Arms, Norwich, Ct, for the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri c. 1900-1920. If functional, it should be worth about $150. If not useable, but looks good over the fireplace, it is worth about the same as a decorator.

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Q: What are facts about Utica Firearms Co shotguns?
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Who is the manufacturer of a 12 gauge shotgun marked Utica firearms serial number 59651 A cap on the pistol grip is marked Simmons Hardware Company?

The bible for info. on older shotguns made by other than the big name manufactures is the "Golder Age Of Shotguning" by Bob Hinman. In the index of this book he lists literally hunderds of old brand name shotguns along with some info on the co. Unfortunatly all he has to say about a co. called the Utica Firearms Co. is "Hammer double-barrel. Nothing further known." He must have put an extreme amount of research into this obscure list of manufactures (and this was 30 to 40 years ago) and to have come up with "nothing further known" is not very incouraging. My guess is that this Utica Firearms Co. is the manufacture of your shotgun.

Who manufactured valiant shotguns?

Valient tradename used by spear & co of pittsburgh pa on firearms they retailed

Information on crescent firearms?

In 1888, george w. cilley bought out the defunct Bacon Arms Co of Norwich, Conn. He then formed an alliance with Frank Foster and borrowed money to form the Crescent Firearms Co. Cilley and Foster held several firearms patents and both were highly qualified in firearms design and manufacture. They started with single barrel shotguns. Double barrels shotguns production in 1891. Crescent firearms was best known as 'house' brand firearms. About one hundred names have been attributed to guns known or believed to have been made by crescent. Stevens Arms Co. acquired the business in 1931. Many shotguns that do not seem to have a known maker were probably made by Crescent......................

How can you find out how old a Utica 12 gauge double barrel is with serial numbers 35745 and how much it is worth?

If it is marked "Utica Arms Co.", compare it to a Crescent Model 6 (1903-1930) or a J. Stevens Arms Co early Model 311 (after 1920). The Stevens might even be marked "5000", "5100" or "311" on the receiver. If marked "Utica Firearms Co." or "Utica Special" it should be the Crescent Model 6. Those marked "Utica Firearms Co. London Fluid Steel" are also by Crescent, but should have outside hammers and could date back to 1892, but probably made no later than 1914. With the mark "Utica Fire Arms Co. Pat. Nov. 25, '90, March 29, '97" it was made by Hopkins & Allen Mfg Co. (1868-1898, but the patent date would indicate these guns were made in 1897 and 1898) I'm not sure if these were single or double barrel guns. All were made for Simmons Hardware 1875-1940

Where were barton and co shotguns made?

Barton & co shotguns were made in Liege, Belgium.

What is a double barrel shotgun worth made by utica firearms with fine damascus on top of barrels also has simmons hardware co. on bottom?

50-100 USD or so

When were Wolverine shotguns manufactured by Crescent Firearms Company?

Prior to 1930, certainly. Wolverine Arms Co was a tradename used by Fletcher Hardware in Wilmington NC.

Were is Freemont Arms Co located?

It's not a real company. This was a trade name used on shotguns produced by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, Connecticut, from 1893-1932.

When was Meriden Firearms Co. created?

Meriden Firearms Co. was created in 1905.

What is the history and value of a Berkshire double Damascus barrel shotgun with Serial No T3210754?

Berkshire shotguns were manufactured by Meriden Firearms Co, Andrew Fyrberg Mfg Co, and Crescent Fire Arms for Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis and Sears Roebuck.

Rodgers arms co?

POSSIBLY one of the 100 names used by Crescent Firearms. From 1892 to about 1929 they made inexpensive shotguns that were sold under MANY different names.

Where can you find information about a black powder Richland Arms Co pistol serial 81634?

Richland Arms Co, Blissfield, Michigan, imported a variety of firearms, mostly Spanish and Italian-made shotguns, before 1986. I don

Need to find out if their is a co name Howard Firearms?

Is their any such firearms co. by the name of Howard Arms

What about US Arms Co shotguns?

the best

Who manufactured an old 12 gauge double gun with outside hammers marked Utica Fire Arms on the left of the receiver and London Fluid Steel on the rib between the barrels?

Crescent Firearms, J. Stevens Arms Co, Hopkins and Allen. The Utica name was a house-brand for Simmons Hardware, St Louis, 1875-1940.

Who made Victor 2 12 gun?

Crescent Firearms is correct, but the time frame is actually 1893 to 1930.

What is the age and value of a Utica Firearms Co shotgun?

Utica Firearms Company: Trade name used by the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri on firearms they retailed c. 1900. Yours is a bit unusual if it has damascus barrels but no exterior hammers. Shooters want fluid steel barrels, decorators want side hammers, and few collectors want hardware-store guns, so I'd say unusual is not a good thing. Even in NRA Excellent condition (98%+ original finish) I doubt if you could get over $200.

Did Crescent Firearms make 30 caliber muzzle loading rifles marked Hermitage Arms Co?

crescent made shotguns for Hermitage from 1904 to 1930. nothing mentioned on muzzle loading rifles.................

Who makes WM Morse shotguns?

I was informed that' some Morsel shotguns were made by Navy Arms Co.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Armory Gun Co serial 146273?

ARMORY GUN CO was a trade name used by H&D Folsom Co on shotguns made by Crescent Firearms and distributed to the hardware/catalog trade. Would have been made between 1890-1910, give or take.

What year and what gauge is a Mississippi valley arms co serial?

While there are several gun manufacturer\'s that offer serial numbers on their shotguns, unfortunately the Mississippi Valley Arms Co. does not. The year and gauge of the gun would depend on when it was manufactured. For example, Mississippi Valley had numerous shotguns produced by a subsidiary company called Crescent Firearms, while many were imported from Belgium.

Are Essex double barrel shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms?

Most likely, yes. Essex was a trade name used by Crescent-Davis firearms Co on shotguns made for the Belknap Hardware Co of Louisville KY back in the 18 and 1900's. The term "Hardware guns" is derived from the Crescent Co, as they made guns for just about anybody, and would put any name on the gun if you ordered 10 or more.

Who made a side by side 12 ga that reads NO 60 Empire hammer?

Crescent Firearms, sometime between 1888 & 1929. Crescent Firearms Co. was started in 1888 by George W. Cilley. These were made for and sold by a variety of hardware companies, mail order stores, retailers and distributors. Nearly 100 names are known or thought to have been used on shotguns produced by Crescent. In 1929 N. R. Davis Firearms Co. merged with Crescent to become Davis-Crescent Arms Co.

What is a Worthington worth?

Worthington Arms Co. is a trade name used by the H&D Folsom Arms Co. on various types of firearms. Folsom was a large distributor of single and double barrel shotguns produced by Crescent Firearms Co., which Folsom owned. Folsom eventually sold out to Savage Arms Co. Worthington Arms Co. guns were made for George Worthington Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. The values can vary widely depending on condition and features. You would be best off having the gun appraised by a reputable gunsmith or advanced collector.

When was Marlin Firearms founded?

Marlin Firearms Co. was founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1870 by John Mahlon Marlin, who had worked for the Colt's Patent Firearms Co. during the Civil War.