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Calico cats are cats who have more than 3 colors......Often girl cats.
They are almost always female, if your lucky enough to have a male, they are usually sterile.

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Q: What are facts about a calico cat?
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What breed of calico cat has no white?

a calico cat is defined by its white. if it has no white, it is not a calico but a tortiseshell.

How can you tell if a cat is calico or not?

You can tell if its calico or not because a calico cat is a cat with only these three colors on it. ( Orange, Black, and White.)

Can any color cat be a calico cat or is there certain colors?

A calico cat is a cat that is white, orange, and black. "Calico" is the term that describes a cat with these colours; it is not a breed name. Cats with the calico colouring can be many different breeds.

Is there a miniature calico cat?

No, there is no such thing as a miniature calico cat. Calico cats are not actually a breed, calico describes their color.

What is the percentage of how rare a male calico cat is?

It is said that for every 3,000 calico cat, the percentage of how rare a male calico cat is is .03%.

How tall is a calico cat?

A calico is a coat colour, not a breed. A cat with a calico coat can be a variety of shapes and sizes.

Is a calico cat its own breed?

No. A calico cat is a coat colour, not a breed.

Webkinz calico cat?

The Webkinz Signature Calico Cat is coming out in August 2009.

Where are Calico cats from?

Calico cats come from many generations of different breeds of cat, as Calico is a certain colour, not a type of cat.

Can a calico cat have a calico kitten?

It is possible for a calico cat to have a calico kitten. It is likely that it may have different coloured kittens as the kittens father usually another colour.

How can you tell a female calico cat from a male calico cat?

Females are the only calico cats!Another AnswerThe above answer isn't entirely correct - it is possible for a male cat to have calico patterning, but this is rare. See Related Links below.Just like any other cat - by looking at its genitals. However, the vast majority calico cats are female. It is rare for a cat with the calico patterning to be male.

How do you know if your cat is a calico?

If your cat is a female and she has 2 or more solid colors in her coat she is a calico.

Can a calico cat be female?

Calico cats are predominantly female.

Are calico cats a type of cat?

Calico refers to the pattern on the cats fur - not the breed. The calico pattern can be found on many different breeds of cat.

Can a orange and white cat be a calico cat?


When a cat that has spots of more than one color it has what?

A cat of many colors is call a Calico cat. The Calico colour is usually found in females, and very rare in males.

How rare is it to get a male calico cat?

for every 301 calico cats born, 300 are female, so yes it is very "rare" for you to have a male calico cat.

Is a gray white and orange cat a calico?

Yes, it is a dilute calico!

Is a cat with three colors of spots male or female?

This type of cat is known as a calico cat. The vast majority of calico cats are female.

How many kittens can a Calico cat have on average?

Calico cats can have the same amount of kittens as any other cat. Calico is a certain coat pattern, not a separate breed.

What two breeds make the calico cat?

Any cat breed can make a calico if they or their grandparents' have the genes. Calico is just a color. But, only female calicos will live.

What do you call a multi coloured cat?

a calico cat.

Can a calico color cat be a Maine coon cat?


What is the favorite kind of cat in the US?

The orange tiger cat 2nd is the grey tiger cat Mine is a Calico! Calico cats are usually female.

How old can a calico cat get up to?

a calico cat is not a breed it is a coloring, most cats get between 16-18 years. an ancient cat is in its 20s