What are facts about animal abuse?

One in Three women are abused by the time they turn 18.

One in Seven men are abused by the time they turn 18.

When people look at animal abuse statistics, mankind is literally put to shame, that our fellow animals, that only want to world to be peaceful, can be hurt by mankind for pointless reasons.

There are laws preventing the harm, torture, neglect and unessesary death of animals and there are organisations monitoring this, though animals still can come to harm.

There are many cases of animal abuse that go unreported. Common victims of this are dogs, cats, birds, horses and livestock. Because animals can't talk for themselves they are easy targets. People like alcoholics, drug users, and just sick, nasty people can abuse and neglect animals, this can go unnoticed. People can do unimaginably horrid things to animals, and they just can't speak up for themselves. Circus animals are another case, some animals are whipped, hurt and neglected so that they perform their tricks. Don't get me wrong, some circus animals might get treated very nicely, but lots are treated very badly, live in horrible conditions, and have to completely go against their nature just to get a scrap of food. Most of these animals have every instinct screaming to return to the wild, to run free, to be with their family, not to be locked in a cage and made to entertain. Pets are also abused, people can kick dogs when they bark, force animals to live without basic needs like sheltar, food and water. Also people who dump dogs, cats and other pets because they don't want them anymore. Cutting down forests, and pollution is also hurting animals. Millions of animals wordwide give up their lives in animal testing, and are kept in inhumane conditions. Lots of animals also die for fur coats that people buy, real ones cost a lot more, but the main expense is the innocent animals that die to make it, fake ones may not give bragging right, but are humane and practically the same. Over fifty million animals have been reported to have died from testing. In the year 2000 over 18 thousand greyhound puppies and dogs have died, because they aren't fast enough for racing. In 2006 around 350, 000 baby seals were clubbed and killed. Animal abuse is a terrible problem, and it happens all over the world. Every life is valuable, and animals have rights.