What are facts about asteriods?


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*In the everglades, there was an asteroid impact that made a crater, the size of Conneticut

*the first asteroid was discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi

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Asteriods are made up of rocks, dust,and minerals that float in spaces atmosphere.

another word for asteriods

In The Asteroid Belt

The isze is mostly the main thing . Planets are large and big while asteriods are little rocks .

asteriods and comets are different because when asteriods hit earth we are going to to have destroyed buildings and places on eath and comets are like particles in the galaxy and its when they destroy planets and make them into a different shape or sized in the galaxy.

asteriods are closer, one of the asteriods in our solar system was actually considered a planet for around a century, then it was demoted(kinda like pluto). Comets are masses of ice, if they were near the sun often, they would melt and therefore no longer exist.

Yes some Asteriods have moons

The asteroid belt which is between Jupiter and mars.

they both sour across the sky

Depends on the size, the bigger they are to more damage they do.

If you ever been in space, there are many asteriods.

No you do not need to include the asteriods and stars because asteriods move at a constant speed and you cant figure out where to put them in the right spot. Stars maybe easier or they ma not be.

most asteroids come from between the mars and Jupiter belt.

No, superstitions by definition do not have a scientific basis.

Asteriods are chunks of rock that escaped the asteroid belts orbit.

The asteroid belt which is a ring of asteriods circling the sun.

No, they orbit our Sun, most of them between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Do superstition about comets and asteriods have scientific basis. "Why or why not"

Many asteriods have hit the Earth over the millions of years.

asteriods are floating space matter usually left overs from the making of other planets.

Asteriods are giant rocks in the solar system that are a threat if the come really close to earth.

They are called asteriods check related link

They don't. By definition, a superstition does not have a scientific basis.

No. By defintion a superstition does not have any scientific basis.

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