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Q: What are facts about detective?
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How are historian like a detective?

A historian is like a detective because they find out clues and use them as evidence. They are not like historians because usually, they are not trying to solve a case, they are just trying to find out facts

Just the facts ma'am which of these people has not played an lapd detective named joe Friday either on tv or in movies?

Tom Hanks

What are the release dates for Detective Detective Detective - 2014?

Detective Detective Detective - 2014 was released on: USA: 29 March 2014 (Los Angeles, California)

What actors and actresses appeared in Detective Detective Detective - 2014?

The cast of Detective Detective Detective - 2014 includes: Adam McCabe as Morocco Casey Sanford as Mistaken Woodsman

What is short for 'detective'?

PI - Private Detective DI - Detective Inspector (Police) DS - Detective Sargent (Police) DC - Detective Constable (Police) TDC - Training Detective Constable (Police)

How do you spell detective?


What is a detective?

A detective is someone that solves crimes. A detective looks for answers.

How can be join good detective agency?

I want to join detective agency as a detective.

What is a proper noun for detective?

The proper noun for the common noun detective would be the title of or name of a specific detective, such as Detective Lennie Briscoe.

How can we distinguish between the 'detective' and the 'suspense' novel?

Detective novels have a detective or someone who is trying to solve a crime like a detective. Suspense novels just have cliff hangers and an air of mystery. Basically, detective novels can be suspense novels if they are suspenseful. Suspense novels can be detective novels if they have a detective or someone solving a mystery.

What are some detective jokes?

Why did the detective kill someone? answer:because he is a detective

Do you have to be a police officer before you become a detective?

A police detective, yes. A private detective, maybe not.

How an historian pike a detextive?

Both a detective and an historian seek out facts. They both gather information of what has happened in the past. The detective tries to solve crimes that has all ready taken place. An historian tries to solve historical events, and gain an insight into people's lives, places they lived in, how they survived, and events that happened to them in history.

What are the ranks of the metropolitan police?

Constable....detective constable sergeant....detective sergeant inspector....detective inspector chief inspector....detective chief inspector superintendent....detective superintendent chief superintendent....detective chief superintendent commander deputy assistant commissioner assistant commissioner deputy commissioner commissioner

What actors and actresses appeared in The Detective - 2011?

The cast of The Detective - 2011 includes: Adam Reyna as Detective DeLaCruz

When is it proper to capitalized detective?

The noun 'detective' is a common noun that is capitalized only when it is the first word in a sentence. A proper noun is always capitalized. The noun 'detective' is a proper noun when it's a title, as in Detective Jones, or part of the name of an organization, as in Jones Detective Agency.

Who was the detective in the book stolen children?

Detective Rockport

What is the feminine of detective?

It is detective. It is the same in the masculine and feminine.

What does goal detective try to bet?

There is no "goal detective"...?

Why did Edgar Allan Poe create the detective story?

because he was a detective person

What actors and actresses appeared in The Affected Detective - 1922?

The cast of The Affected Detective - 1922 includes: Cecil Mannering as Detective

What is the possessive form of detective?

The possessive form of the noun detective is detective's.Example: The detective's car pulled up next to the patrol car.

Funny detective names?

Chinese Detective I.C Yu Ukranian Detective B.Hiendchu Unsuccessful Detective Imar Reitarrd Crazy Taiwanese Detective Shu Chu Lazy Detective Knot Bofferd Greedy Detective Phil Mapoccets Fat Detective Stuf Maphace Bad Tempered Japanese Detective Fook Offe Dick Gumshoe Bennie Love Die Donald Non' Cool

Facts about Carolyn Keene?

Carolyn keene's real name is Mildred wirt Benson, she was born in 1905 and died in 2002, some of her books are nancy drew girl detective she also wrote the Dana Girls.

How do newspapers get stories?

The journalists make them up by interviewing people, going to the scene where the story took place, and getting the facts by some source. If you want to be a journalist, good luck. You're going to have to be like a detective.