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Light PollutionI suggest the web site of the International Dark-Sky Association.

Light pollution is when many urban lights, such as street lights, reflect a lot of artificial light into the Earth's atmosphere - which obscures many different stars and is a disaster for astronomers.

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What are some false facts about light pollution?

Some FALSE facts on light pollution are: 1. Astronomers benefit from light pollution as it helps them to study stars. 2. All stars are visible in the night sky when viewed from a light polluted city. 3. Light pollution is good for the environment. 4. Light pollution doesn't affect human sleep cycles.

Where can you get light pollution facts?

Simply, look on the internet!

What types of pollution?

Air pollution Water pollution Light pollution

Are their any positive facts about pollution?


What are the three types of pollution?

the 3 types of pollution are:eco pollutionnoise pollutionlight pollution

Is light pollution a crime in the UK?

Light pollution is not a crime yet, but buildings should atempt to reduce it. Light pollution is still a crime against the environment.

How many types of pollution?

Some forms of pollution areAir pollutionwater pollutionsoil pollutionnoise pollutionlight pollution

How many types of pollution are there?

Some forms of pollution areAir pollutionwater pollutionsoil pollutionnoise pollutionlight pollution

How does light pollution harm astronauts?

Light pollution does not affect astronauts, it affects astronomers.

How could light pollution and air pollution effect astronomy?

Light pollution and air pollution effect astronomy by making it more difficult to view the stars. If you notice, when you get out of the cities where there is less air and light pollution, you are better able to view the stars.

How can Light pollution effect us?

Light pollution promotes stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, and mental problems. Recent studies have shown that light pollution promotes erectile disfunction.

What are the 5 types of pollution?

Air pollution Water pollution Soil pollution Noise pollution Radioactive pollution Thermal pollution Light pollution Visual pollution Personal pollution Atmospheric pollution

If you use natural light but left it on is this light pollution?

Yes. Light pollution is when ANY KIND OF LIGHT disrupts people, or disrupts the eco-system.

How many birds die from light pollution?

More then 5 thousand a year die from light pollution.

What are two different types of local pollution?

Some different types of local pollution are: Light pollution Noise Pollution Litter Pollution

What are the 5 types of pollution in geography?

The 5 types of pollution in geography is light pollution, noise pollution, visual pollution, point source pollution and non point source pollution.

How does light pollution affect stars?

Light pollution doesn't affect the stars, it affects how well we can observe them from Earth.

How can light pollution be decreased?

you direct light downwards

How much pollution is in space?

None. Unless you are taking about light pollution.

What impact does light pollution have on astronomy?

Light pollution sends light up into our night sky, and the Earth's atmosphere scatters the light thus hindering astronomical observations.

Which types of pollution?

The types of pollution are: There are 10 types Air Pollution Land Pollution Water Pollution Light pollution Littering Noise pollution Soil contamination Radioactive contamination Thermal pollution Visual pollution

What are facts about the Portland Head Light?

There is NO interesting " FACTS " about the " Head light! "

What is traffic pollution?

traffic polution is like normal pollution though it is sound, light and chemical pollution

How does pollution affect wild life?

Prescription Drugs, Heavy Metals, Noise Pollution, Light Pollution

What forms of pollution are there?

Air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution, light pollution (interferes with observing the sky at night; is caused by unshielded artificial lights), and noise pollution.

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