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solids liquids and gases are all states of matter

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How mixtures are formed?

mixtures can be formed by physically putting two or more substances together. Mixtures can be formed between solids and liquids, solids and solids, liquids and liquids, solids and gas, liquids and gas, gas and gas

What is the classification of solutions?

- Solutions can be saturated or unsaturated. or - Solutions of solids in liquids, solids in solids, liquids in liquids (rarely used the expression gas in gas).

Unlike solids and liquids a gas will?

Unlike solids and liquids, a gas will expand to fill the space available to it.

How is gas different from solids and liquids?

Both liquids and Solids have definite volumes

Do you have any poem for solids liquid and gas?

solids liquids and gas only one of them has no mass solids are hard liquids are wet can you guess which one has mass gas !!

When a solid is changing to liquid form?

Solids changing to liquids are melting Liquids changing to solids are freezing Solids changing to gas are subliming Liquids changing to gas are boiling Gases changing to liquids are condensing.

What are the solids and liquids and gas you can find on Saturn?

the solids and liquids you can find on Saturn is only gas which is around it's rings.

Why do luiquids evaporate and solids do not?

liquids turn into gas and solids don't and gas evaporates

Is gas dense?

Gas is not dense, solids should be dense, liquids are dense, but not as much as solids.

It is nearly impossible to solids and liquids?


What are facts about liquids solids and gases?

Five facts: 1. When liquids cool down, they become solids. 2. When gases cool down, they become liquids. 3. When solids heat up, they become liquids. 4. When liquids heat up, they become gases. 5. Some liquids will only freeze in temperatures that can never be recreated by humans.

Unlike solids and liquids a gas will take the shape and volume of the container it is in?

unlike solida and liquids a gas will

Does sound travel best through solids liquids or gas?

Sound travels faster in solids than liquids or gases.

Why do liquids generally react faster than solids and why do gases generally react faster than liquids?

solids are tightly packed and liquids aren't. liquids are tighter than gas so gas reacts faster.

What are the states or phases of matter?

solids liquids and gas

What are solids and liquids and gas?

they are the three types of matter

What units does the us use to measure solids liquids and gas?

This variation is typically small for solids and liquids but much greater for gases.

Tell facts about solids liquids and gas?

facts about solids: * Has a fixed shape, * Fixed volume , * Cannot be compreesed,*Cannot be poured, *particles are extremely close together. Facts about liquids: *Can be poured, * Haard to compress, *takes shape of the container, * Fixed volume, * When liquids freeze they become solid. Fcats about gases: * Fill the space,*easy to compress, *no fixed volume, *no fixed shape,*not visible.

Are humans solid liquid or gas?

Humans are the three of it we are solids,liquids, and gas.

Are gasses less dense than liquids or solids?

yes, gases are less dense than liquids and solids because the mass of gas particles can be neglected according to liquids and solids according to gaseous theory

Does sound move fastest through solids liquids or gas?

solids becuase it is to cool to be toched

What kinds of media transmit sound?

Gas, Solids, Liquids

What do the molecules of a gas do?

Move a lot faster then liquids and solids.

Are gas particels close together?

Relative to solids and liquids - no.

Is a solid denser than gases and liquids?

Generally solids are denser than gas and liquids.