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Q: What are facts about mohave tribe?
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What region did the mohave tribe live in?

in the desert region

Which Indian tribe lived in a house called a kish?

The Cahuilla lived in kishes, they were a Mohave tribe.

What did The Mohave tribe ate?

idk because i thougt this website was supposed to have all the answers cause its durh

What are facts about the Spokane tribe?


What are facts about the Seneca Indian Tribe?

they were the most powerful tribe

Facts about the Seminole tribe?

this is gay

Facts about the Comanche tribe?

it is cool

What are five interseting facts about the northwest tribes?

Important facts about the Mingo tribe

What are facts about the Iroquois tribe?

they were amazing farmers

What are facts about the grebo tribe?

they wear masks

What are facts about the Mohawk tribe?

The Mohawk tribe wore their hair in a strip down the middle. That is where we got the hairstyle.

What is some major facts about the Sioux tribe?

The only major fact about the Sioux is that it isn't a tribe but a collection of many related tribes.If you were to specifically ask for facts on the Oglala Lakota tribe, or the Sisseton Dakota tribe you would get a specific answer.

What are facts about the tlingit tribe?

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What are facts about the Navajo tribe?

The Navajos are relatives of the Apache.

What are facts about the cahuilla tribe?

abot art and ceremonies

Where is the South Mohave Valley Community Library in Mohave Valley located?

The address of the South Mohave Valley Community Library is: 8045 Highway 95, Suite D, Mohave Valley, 86440 5661

When was Kia Mohave created?

Kia Mohave was created in 2008.

When did Mohave War happen?

Mohave War happened in 1858.

When was Fort Mohave created?

Fort Mohave was created in 1859.

What are facts about wigwams?

The leaders of each tribe normally have the biggest one.

Which two states Lake Mohave forms a border?

lake mohave

What are facts about the yupik tribe?

Type your answer here... they lived in alaska

When was Mohave County Hospital created?

Mohave County Hospital was created in 1922.

When was Mohave High School created?

Mohave High School was created in 1969.

What is the area of Lake Mohave?

The area of Lake Mohave is 107.242 square kilometers.