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What are facts about plate tectonics?

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1) Convergent plates move towards one another

2) Divergent plates separate from each other

3) Alfred Wegener founded Pangaea, a super continent that was supposedly all of the seven continents put together

4) Transform plates slide together in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal way

5) Every year, the seven continents move approximately 2 centimeters away from each other

6) Earthquakes are caused from transform plates

7) When the divergent plate process occurs, it leaves mountains or volcanoes and lava could possibly come out

8) Some parts of the earth are either splitting or coming near each other

9) Scientists believe that in a few million years, the earth will be another Pangaea

10) Other proof that Pangaea existed was that there's been fossils of ancient animals and plants in different continents, like the mammal, the Lystrosaurus

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What are some major problems in California?

# Plate Tectonics. # Plate Tectonics. # Plate Tectonics.

What is a plate for plate tectonics?

the definition of plate tectonics is the shifting of the continents

How are earthquakes connected with plate tectonics?

Plate tectonics move, so when two plate tectonics move towards

How do volcanoes help plate tectonics?

Volcanoes don't help plate tectonics; volcanoes are the result of plate tectonics.

Are plate tectonics flat?

yes plate tectonics are flat

Where do plate tectonics occur?

Plate tectonics occur on the lithosphere. It is composed of the crust and the rigid uppermost part of the mantle. The lithosphere is the 'plate' of plate tectonics.

A sentence for plate tectonics?

we learned about plate tectonics in class today...

There are many indications of plate tectonics on Mars?

No plate tectonics on Mars

Who is the father of plate tectonics?

The father of plate tectonics was Arnold wegner

Which direction do plate tectonics move?

It depends on which plate tectonics you are talking about. Each plate has its specific direction of movement. All plate tectonics move in different directions.

Does seismologic evidence support plate tectonics?

yes it represets plate tectonics

Do you feel the effects of plate tectonics?

Yes, earthquakes are an affect of plate tectonics.

What do plate tectonics form?

Plate tectonics form the continents, oceans, and mountains.

Is there evidence of plate tectonics on Venus?

Nope plate tectonics do not exist on Venus.

Instrument used in studying plate tectonics?

instruments used in plate tectonics?

What is the scientific name for plate tectonics?

Plate tectonics is the formal scientific name.

How are plate tectonics formed?

The plate tectonics are formed when there are movements of the earth's lithosphere.

How do plate tectonics play a part in volcano events?

The plate tectonics force the volcano to erupt because the plate tectonics cloide with each other

How are crustal features related to plate tectonics?

well i think that it is that plate tectonics are when they move by earthquakes and crustal features are when they discribe the crustal and the plate tectonics.

Is plate tectonics the plural form of plate tectonics?

Yes, the singular form is normally plate tectonic or tectonic plate so the plural would be plate tectonics or tectonic plates. Dumb crap.

Are plate tectonics caused by convection currents in the mantle?

That is the current theory of plate tectonics.

How are plate tectonics and evolution related?

Plate tectonics and evlolution are related because they both

How are volanoes and the process of plate tectonics related?

how are volcanoes and the process of plate tectonics related

What is the branch of geology know for plate tectonics?

the branch of geology for plate tectonics is asthenosphere.

What is the difference between plate tectonics and tectonic plate?

Plate tectonics is the process whereby tectonic plates move.