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What are facts about plate tectonics?



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1) Convergent plates move towards one another

2) Divergent plates separate from each other

3) Alfred Wegener founded Pangaea, a super continent that was supposedly all of the seven continents put together

4) Transform plates slide together in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal way

5) Every year, the seven continents move approximately 2 centimeters away from each other

6) Earthquakes are caused from transform plates

7) When the divergent plate process occurs, it leaves mountains or volcanoes and lava could possibly come out

8) Some parts of the earth are either splitting or coming near each other

9) Scientists believe that in a few million years, the earth will be another Pangaea

10) Other proof that Pangaea existed was that there's been fossils of ancient animals and plants in different continents, like the mammal, the Lystrosaurus