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  • Each year Americans alone throw away 18 billion disposable diapers. In perspective, this is enough to extend from the earth to the moon and back 7 times.

  • In 2 weeks, Americans throw enough glass bottles and jars out to fill the New York Trade Center's twin towers.

  • Americans go through on average 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour.

  • 58% of U.S. newspapers are recycled.

  • 500,000 trees could be saved from being cut down if every family in the United States recycled their newspaper.

  • Ford Motor Company indicates that 75% of every vehicle is recyclable.

  • Dishwashers use about 11 gallons of water. Hand washed dishes use up approximately 16 gallons.

  • Taking a bath, half full of water, uses around 20 gallons of water. However, an average length shower only uses about 13 gallons.

  • Americans normally use about 70 gallons of water each day.
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Can plastic bottle caps be recycled?

All plastic can be recycled, so, yes, plastic bottle tops can be recycled. . But maybe your town or city doesn't recycle them. So check. . Bottle tops are usually made from Plastic #5 and the bottles are usually made from Plastic #1. So they have to be separated. . Take the bottle caps OFF an ( Full Answer )

Are plastic forks recyclable?

Yes, because they are plastic and plastic is recyclable so give back to the community!:)

Why do you recycle plastic?

So people can use it again. It's also made from oil which we need to conserve.

How are animals harmed by not recycling plastics?

If plastics are not recycled but are dumped on the ground, grazinganimals may choke if they swallow shreds of plastic paper. Plasticwrap can also accumulate water during rainy season and that canescalate the breeding of mosquitoes, exposing animals to malariaattacks.

Fact about Recycling?

Facts about recycling include that using recycled glass requires 40percent less energy. In America alone people use 200 millionaluminum cans each and every day.

What are facts about recycling?

70% of trash that is thrown away could have been recycled. one aluminum can that is recycled could let u use the computer for 3 hours. One ton of newspaper saved 17 trees.One glass bottle that is recycled could light up 100 wat light bulps for 4 hours. Turning off the water while you brush your teet ( Full Answer )

What plastics can you recycle?

You can recycle any type of plastic including PET, HDPE, Vinyl,LDPE, PP Polypropylene, etc. For specific items in these categoriesand current recycling prices check the link. All plastics are recyclable. But not all recycling companies candeal with every kind of plastic. Many will not take polystyre ( Full Answer )

How does recycling plastic save animals?

It wouldn't use oil under the ground because we use alot of oil for plastic and we would keep the animals safe. Here's an old proverb that I think sums it all up nicely. "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we merely borrow it from our children." We can do so much to help protect our ( Full Answer )

Why do you recycle trash and plastic?

It is always necessary to recycle and reuse wherever it is possible. Because it will prevent exploitation of natural resources. Do you know that it takes almost 50% less resources to make recycled products than making a new one from the scratch. www.trashinme.com

How are plastic bags recycled?

Plastics that are put out into the curbside collection are taken to the recycling depot where they are sorted. Some plastic can only be delivered into certain plants so most of it ends up in landfill. Plastic is melted down from its form and turned into a new product.

Is fleece recycled plastic?

In modern clothing, yes and no. The majority of the material is in fact recycled plastics mixed with other synthetic and natural fibers. However your classic wool fleece, is still mostly if not entirely sheep's wool.

Why is it important to recycle plastic?

It is impotant to recycle plastic because it helps our imvirement in many different ways. and keeps us same and there are many pros that you can contact to know more about it.

What is recycled plastic used for?

The question is too broad. There are some 200-300 different types of plastics, and most can be recycled to some extent. Each has different used. For instance: milk jugs are commonly made of HDPE (High Density Polyethelene), an easily recycled material. Recycled HDPE is often reformed to make carpet, ( Full Answer )

What happens when you recycle plastic?

Recycled plastic is turned into plastic resin, which is then used to make mobile garbage bins, storm water pipes, crates and new soft drink bottles. New plastic is made from oil, and the world is running out of oil. If you fill a plastic soft drink bottle one third full of oil, that's how much oi ( Full Answer )

How can plastic bags be recycled?

plastic bags can be recycled, but it will create a lot more pollution to recycle them. plastic can be recycled by melting them and renewing them. but this process release many other harmful chemicals in the air It can be recycled in many different ways. it can be used as a hat, a cover up for your s ( Full Answer )

Why are some plastics not recyclable?

All plastics can be recycled. But there may be nobody in your area who can recycle all the plastics available. Recycling of plastic wrap, for example, is possible, but as it is usually used for wrapping food, it is often contaminated. So it has to be cleaned first. This adds another step to the p ( Full Answer )

How does recycling plastic help your planet?

Recycling plastic helps the planet because the bottles or objects don't end up in the ocean, or littered all over the place. It will not pollute the earth, and therefore make it cleaner.

What is wrong with plastic recycling?

Recycling plastic presents the potential for environmental threat,as plastic produces fumes that can harm animal and plant life nearthe industrial site. This also can cause harm the health of peoplethat are in contact with recycled plastics through plastic resin.

Which plastic numbers are recyclable?

They all are ... but not mixed together. All plastic on Earth can be recycled. Plastic is a recycable material. However, people are not recycling plastic and they just dump it straight into the bin, which goes to the incineration plant.

Can plastic toys be recycled?

plastic toys or metal toys like metal toy robot can be recycled (like aluminum,plastic,glass etc) so yes toys can be recycled

Is clear plastic tape recyclable?

All plastic can be recycled, but as there are many different kinds, they are best recycled individually. Most recycling schemes will not take thin plastic films or tapes as they are often contaminated with food or glue and have to be cleaned first. This is not economical.

Why is reusing plastics preferable to recycling plastics?

Because of the energy lost in the recycling process. Recycled goods must be extensively processed, while a reused container doesn't have to be processed at all. This means that the water, electricity, and other materials that are consumed in the recycling process are saved.

Can plastic bottles get recycled?

Yes, plastic bottles can be recycled. Although the process is complex, plastic recycling is possible with the melting of the bottles. After the plastic is melted, it can be made into more bottles of other things such as chairs and boxes. . Yes 1 through to 7

Is making plastic or recycling plastic cheaper?

It is cheaper to produce virgin plastic vs recycling it. This is because the cost to recover, separate, transport, process, and manufacture recycled plastic into reusable resin is very high.

What is the process for recycling plastic bottles?

Chop them into little pieces, rinse the pieces in water, melt them, blow new bottles. They wash them, grind them up and melt them to turn them back into resin, which they then use like it was virgin PET resin.

Are all types of plastic recyclable?

No, not all types of plastic are recycable. To check if it is, look for the "able to be recycled" sign (usually found on the bottom of the product). Although, sometimes companies will not add that sign and you may have to ask them somehow.

Why are recycling bins made of plastic?

Most recycling bins are made of different types of plastic for a few reasons: . Plastic can be made using large amounts of recycled content which is better for the environment . The color of the plastic can be easily customized to match different recycling programs . Most plastics are 100% rec ( Full Answer )

Why must you recycle plastic?

When you put something in the bin, and it is taken into the garbage, it is pressed onto the ground later on to rot, and plastic can take up to 1,000 years rotting. Think of all the plants it would choke during such a long time! But note that there are different types of plastic.

What can you recycle plastic into?

Plastic is recycled into more plastic products. There are also many building materials made out of recycled plastics, these are good for outdoor use since they never rot.

What happens to plastic that cant be recycled?

It will be burnt melted and destroyed or buried in a land fill as pollution. well sort of it will be put in a landfill with all the rest of the garbage and when all the garbage is gone beside the plastic they keep the plastic from all the other garbage fills and pat it up and make a new one which is ( Full Answer )

If plastic bottles are not recycled what happens?

They wind up in the landfill. The dirty little secret of "recycling" programs is that they may wind up there anyway; it's not always possible to recycle plastics, though it's sometimes possible to use recycled plastic for less demanding applications (like, say, parking blocks) and there have been so ( Full Answer )

Where do they recycle plastic?

Plastic is recycled at a recycling plant. It is sorted, washed and eventually melted down and manufactured into various products.

Is clear plastic wrap recyclable?

All plastic is recyclable, but you may find it difficult to find a company that will accept it. Plastic wrap is often contaminated with food and is difficult to clean before recycling.

What type of plastic products can be recycled?

Recyclable plastic has a triangle recycle symbol with a number identifying the plastic. 1-6 can all be recycled. 1.Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) 2.High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 3.V Vinyl/Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 4.LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene 5.PP Polypropylene Refrigerated containers. ( Full Answer )

Why is recycling plastic bottles good?

Recycling plastic bottles has many advantages to it, which include: . The oil which would normally be used to make plastic could be used for other purposes, such as appliances. . Plastic is not biodegradable, which means that it does not decompose over time, meaning it will remain in our land fil ( Full Answer )

When did recycling plastics become popular?

The recycling of plastics became popular back in the early 1980's when it became good money to recycle most used products. The amount of world plastic pollution became a concerning worry due to the highy volume of waste plastic and the long break down life of plastic.

Can you recycle the plastic bag?

Of course. That's why there are "REDUCE.REUSE.RECYCLE" in some plastic bags. There are different ways to recycle. Depends in your own use.

Are plastic gift bags recyclable?

Most plastic gift bags are not recyclable because they contain more than just plastic, usually some sort of cardboard and the polyester string used for handles are all recyclable seperately but together they are not.

Where can one recycle plastic bottles?

One can recycle plastic bottles from: Earth911, Recycle Now, Environmental Protection Agency, green Earth Society, Nation of Change, The Daily Green, to name a few. One just needs to enter their location into one of these websites and find recycling areas close them.

Why cant you recycle certain plastics?

Certain plastics are not actually certain. Take the example of aketchup bottle--it is constructed of several layers of differentpolymers, each designed to impart a special quality to thecontainer. Some are flexible while others are difficult topuncture. Such a mix has little recycle value because it ( Full Answer )

Is PLA plastic recyclable?

Yes because it is made with natural oils/materials which makes itable to get burned down and reused for another product