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What are facts about rubidium?

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It reacts strongly in water and bursts into flames when exposed to air.

=] and it is the third most reactive alkali metal

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The Rubidium valance shell is a radio active substance

It reacts strongly in water and bursts into flames when exposed to air.

Rubidium is an element and so it is made of nothing but rubidium.

Rubidium oxide and rubidium nitride.

Rubidium is not flammable.

rubidium does not have an odor

Rubidium is a neutral atom in its elemental form. The rubidium ion, found in rubidium compounds, is smaller than a neutral rubidium atom.

The term Rubidium oxide generally refers to 1 compound, but it can also be used to refer some other oxides. There can be more than 1 oxides of Rubidium : "The most common" Rubidium oxide = Rb2O Rubidium peroxide = Rb2O2 Rubidium dioxide(1-) or Rubidium superoxide = RbO2 Suboxides of Rubidium = Rb6O, Rb9O2

rubidium means deepest red in latin and that is rubidium 's color

The word equation for the reaction of rubidium with water is rubidium + water --> rubidium hydroxide + hydrogen. Rubidium is a metal that reacts very quickly and fiercely, even explosively with water.

Rubidium oxide (Rb2O) is formed when rubidium and oxygen react.

Rubidium sulfate is Rb2SO4

Rubidium has 37 protons.

Rubidium does not have a formula but a symbol: Rb.

yes rubidium is very dangerous!

Rubidium is an alkali metal.

Rubidium react with water.

Rubidium is a group one alkali metal. In the presence of chlorine gas, pure rubidium metal will burn violently. Chlorine will take the single valence electron of rubidium and create rubidium chloride. 2Rb + Cl2 >> 2RbCl Rubidium is oxidized and chlorine is reduced.

Rubidium has 5 electron shells. The electron configuration of rubidium is [Kr]5s1.

I can;t think of an idiom for rubidium!

Rubidium react violently with water.

Rubidium has 1 valence electron.