What are facts about sphinxes?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What are facts about sphinxes?
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Where is the avenue of sphinxes?

The Avenue of the Sphinxes connects Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple

Where would you find an avenue of sphinxes?

There is an avenue of ram-headed sphinxes at Karnak in Luxor.

What was buried in sphinxes?

They are not tombs.

Is sphinxes a real word?

yes it is

What did sphinxes look like?

a lion

What is the plural possessive of sphinxes?

The plural possessive of "Sphinx" is "Sphinxes'," with the apostrophe after the "s." Please note the capitalization, as "Sphinx" is a proper noun.

How many sphinxes did Memphis and Thebes have?


Who are the Sphinx men?

The Sphinx men are the men who are sphinxes.

When was three sphinxes of bikini made?

It is painted in 1947

What is the plural of sphinx?

Commonly sphinxes, sometimes sphinges.

What feature would you not find in an Egyptian temple?


What were sphinx used for?

sphinxes were used to protect entrances of temples.