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What are facts about sundials?

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Sundials can be found all over the world. Sundials have a long history and are amongst the earliest forms of timekeepers. They have the advantage of requiring no mechanial parts or maintenance- but the obvious disadvantage of only working on a sunny day.

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How are some sundials the same and others different?

There are horizontal sundials and vertival sundials. There are horizontle sundials and verticle sundials.

What are the types of sundials?

The two types of sundials are altitude and azimuth sundials.

When were sundials used?

sundials were starting to be used in 2002

Why Sundials can't be used at night?

Sundials require sunlight.

When did they use sundials?

There is no specific date stated as to when sundials were first used.

Why were sundials used?

Sundials were used to tell time, back without watches.

What are the problems with using sundials?

Sundials do not work at night or on cloudy days- and they are not very portable.

Are there different types of sundials?

Sundials use the posidtion of the sun to cast a shadow on the dial. You can then read the number on where the shadow falls to get the time. As a result, no, there shouldn't be different types of sundials.

Who used the sundial?

There have been many cultures use the sundials over the years. The Egyptians and Mayans both used the sundials. The American government used sundials in the 1830's.

Are sundials used today?

Yes, but in the main people rely on mechanical watches rather than sundials.

Where were sundials invented?


What are the different types of sundials?

yes there is many types of sundials there is at least ten types they names are horizontal sundial AND MORE

When were the sundials made?

1034 A.D.

What has the author Penelope Gouk written?

Penelope Gouk has written: 'The ivory sundials of Nuremberg 1500-1700' -- subject(s): Sundials

When the Romans used sundials how could they tell the exact time on rainy days or with no sun?

They couldn't tell the time from sundials because there was no sun.

Who made the sundial?

Sundials are normally made of metal, however the materials may vary. Sundials were thought to be used in around 3500 BC.

What has the author George L Fuller written?

George L. Fuller has written: 'Sundials for watch time 2005' -- subject(s): Sundials

What has the author Milton Stoneman written?

Milton Stoneman has written: 'Easy-to-make wooden sundials' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Sundials

How did the aincient egyptians measure time?


When were sundials invented?

in 2012 by leanardo davinchi

How does sundials relate to math?

Conix sections

What has the author Christopher St J H Daniel written?

Christopher St. J. H. Daniel has written: 'Sundials' -- subject(s): Sundials

When did sundials first originate in history?

It is not known exactly when Sundials first originated. There are records indicating that some type of sundial was used around the year 700 BC. The Greeks were introduced to sundials in 560 BC. But the exact date they were first used in not known.

How did sundials help people tell time?

the shadow

Are sundials accurate?

no because its not like a clock in our days.

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