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The Iraq War was not an actual war. To engage in a war their has to be a legitimate threat to our sovereignty, which Iraq did not pose. Furthermore, to engage in a "war" you must declare war on a country and give ample legitimate, unequivocal, overwhelmingly compelling evidence of wrong doing by the country-in-question's government, prove the threat, get the consensus of the people to opt into war, and DECLARE IT... None of these things happened during our unlawful occupation of Iraq. Not to mention, hundreds of thousands of civilian lives were lost in "Operation Iraqi Freedom"... This was not a war, it was a massacre and the objective was completed: Israel got rid of our " Ol' Allie" Saddam and we got their oil ( the second largest reserve in the region outside of Saudi Arabia)... In the famous words of G.W. Bush, "Mission Accomplished"!

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  • The Iraq War started in March 2003 and ended in December 2011.
  • Most of the Fighting took place in what is called the "Sunni Triangle" a region with vertices at Baghdad, Fallujah, and Tikrit which has the densest Sunni population.
  • Iraq is divided into roughly three dominant ethno-religious groups: Shiite Arabs, Sunni Arabs, and Sunni Kurds.
  • The Iraq War cost over 4200 Coalition Soldiers and over 200,000 Iraqi deaths.
  • The Iraq War was supposedly to curtail Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction although none were found.
  • The Iraq War resulted in the new Republic of Iraq regime headed by Nouri Al-Maliki and increasing Iranian influence in Iraqi affairs.

As concerns Answer 1, the Iraq War was a war. A War requires only three things: two or more armies or militant groupings, a contested issue over which the leadership of those armies disagree, and fighting between the armies over the adjudication of that issue. The Iraq War satisfies all three qualifications and is therefore a "war".

What Answer 1 does feel, and perhaps rightfully so, is that the Iraq War was not a Just War, a Reasonable War, a Symmetric War, or a War according to American Jurisprudence. A Just War means that the War is in defense of values worth defending, such as American sovereignty or violations of International Law. A Reasonable War means that the War was based on rational grounds and deliberated upon, which it seems that the Iraq War was not, especially since there was no Plan B when it turned out that the Iraqis did not greet the United States forces as liberators. A Symmetric War means that the forces on both sides are adequately matched and the Iraqi Forces were nowhere close to matching the Multi-National Force Militaries. As for American Jurisprudence, a War is not officially a War (but a police action or military action) unless Congress actively declares war. This failure to declare war does not indicate that battle conditions are any easier or lighter than had war actually been declared.
A law enforcement function. Restoring law, order and stability to the region.

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Q: What are facts about the Iraq War?
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