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What are facts and theories for Physics?

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Fact is an and, in contrast with a, which is an explanation of or interpretation of facts. Physics facts are believed to be independent from the observer in that no matter which physist observes a phenomenon, all will reach the same necessary conclusion. therefore facts are observation made and lined out in physics. A theory is a logically self-consistent or framework for describing the behavior of a related set of natural or social phenomena. it is a testable of the manner of interaction of a set of

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Why does the Big Bang theory is the most accepted of those theories?

Because at the moment it fits with the facts we know. Theories change all the time as new evidence is uncovered or physics we knew nothing about are discovered.

Does quantum physics prove metaphysical theories?


What are Theories of online games?

1. Game Theory (popular in the game industry) 2. Mythology (by observing myths and facts then put to the online dimension) 3. Physics (by applying physics in real life to the online dimension)

Branches of physics under classecal modern physics?

Classical theories in physics usually refer to those theories that have predictability or determinancy. The theories don't embody the uncertainty principle that quantum mechanics has. And so, the only branch I can think of right now is only General Relativity.

What else did Albert Eisenstein study besides mathematics?

Physics. He became best known for his physics theories and papers in Physics.

How does facts help scientist?

Scientists make theories or equations that are not proved. Facts prove or disprove the theories or the equations. Note: -Some theories or equations can't be proved or disproved by facts so they are proved or disproved by the majority of scientists.

Why are theories more important than facts?

Because theories leave you hanging

What is the relation between theologians and physics?

The theories which constitute the universe

Examples of classical physics?

Classical physics are the theories of physics came before the modern times and which are not widely excepted. Examples of such physics are Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism, Newtonian mechanics, and thermodynamics.

What field study links physics to biology?

The field study that links physics to biology is called biophysics. It uses the theories from physics to study the biological systems.

What are the difference of theorical physics and applied physics?

Theoretical would be like proving and creating theories and applied is like engineering.

What does theory mean in the scientific method?

theories can incorporate facts and laws and tested hypotheses

Do you capitalize physics theories?

No, theories are not capitalized. However, if the theory contains a name (for example Einstein) then this should be capitalized as it is a proper noun.

Who can tell each one of einstein theories?

The speed of light is a constant, The laws of physics are the same everywhere are some of Einstein theories.

What does theoretical physics mean?

Theoretical physics is where physicists theorize about things not yet proved mainly by using equations or preexisting theories.

Why physics considered as a experimental science?

Physics is considered a a experimental science because much (70%) of physicists work is conducting experiments. Experiments are used to test relationships and theories. The result of the experiments weed out theories and support theories, other experimetns test rhe range of a relationship.

Is Albert Einstein a famous mathamitian?

Yes, he is, but is more known for physics formulas and theories, so, he is known for math, but for physics more. -Nahno :-)

Who was the german-jewish scientist who revolutionized the field of physics with his new theories?


What did Albert Einstein learn at Swiss Polytechnic Institute?

mostly old physics theories

Why is Albert Enstein still important today?

It is because he is the "father", if you will, of modern physics. While many of theories may be inaccurate, it is because of him that physics is where it is today.

What has the author Elliot Leader written?

Elliot Leader has written: 'An introduction to gauge theories and the new physics' -- subject(s): Gauge fields (Physics)

What are the fields of physics?

There are two main fields of physics. They are:Applied physics-Engineering and stuff like that including other branches like astrophysics (physics in astronomy) and particle physics (study of physics in particles like atoms. Particle physics also is part of theoretical physics.).Theoretical physics-Deals with creating and proving theories related to the universe like string theory and the big bang theory (There are more than just those. They are just more popular ones.). Particle physics ties into theoretical physics by theorizing about different particles that may or may not exist. Those theories are being tested now in particle accelerators all over the world.

What are facts about how volleyball relates to science?

Volleyball has lots of physics in it.

What are the new theories in which two fields helped pave the way for the Modernist movement?

Psychology and Physics

Why was the atom model changed over time?

Progress of physics determine frequently change of theories.