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Northern Ireland was only created in 1922.

People from Britain settled in the north east part of Ireland about 400 years ago to try and colonise the island.

An Act of Union made all of Ireland part of the United Kingdom in 1801. Ireland fought for its Independence, which was granted but with one condition, that 6 counties in the northeast of the island stay with the UK. This became Northern Ireland.

Most people in Northern Ireland regard themselves as British or Irish, with the majority regarding themselves as British.

Most Irish people in Northern Ireland have Irish passports, even though they were born in a part of the UK which would make them entitled to a British passport.

You can choose your nationality in Northern Ireland, a unique situation in the world.

The most northerly point on the island of Ireland is not in Northern Ireland, but in the Republic of Ireland, as Northern Ireland is largely in the northeast of the island.

The Titanic was built in Northern Ireland, in Belfast.

Northern Ireland is where the world famous Giant's Causeway is.Northern Ireland is a member of the United Kingdom. The latter includes Scotland, Wales, and of course, England. While Northern Ireland is physically part of Ireland, it has always seen a strong British presence. This, of course, led to the "troubles" between those wishing to remain a part of the UK, and those wishing to merge with Ireland. The divide, however, was mainly between Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics in the North. The decades long civil war gave rise to the I.R.A, the Ulster Volunteers, and other paramilitary groups and factions on all sides of the conflict.