What are fireplace codes?

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I need a fireplace insert for a superior Model # HC-3820, where can I find one?

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Q: What are fireplace codes?
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How to choose a gas fireplace?

First, research the venting codes in your area. First, research the venting codes in your area.

How deep does a fireplace need to be?

Most building codes require that the firebox be at least 20 inches deep (except for a different style of fireplace, called a Rumsford, which can be 12 inches) Check YOUR local building codes. Also, make sure that the chimney extends the proper height above your roof or the fireplace won't draw.

Can a gas fireplace be vented outside under a wood deck?

Depending on local codes and of course the ifg, but i will have to say no

Fireplace Inserts?

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Can you install wood stove to a fireplace?

Yes, but the stove pipe should extend into the flue, and have a fire proof fitting- not just extending through a cover at the face of the fireplace, Consult a chimney specialist for an installation that will meet building codes.

Fireplace Mantels?

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Brick Fireplace?

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What do British people call a fireplace?

Usually a fireplace! There are phrases like "inglenook fireplace" but that is only for a particular type of large fireplace

Electric Fireplace Insert?

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