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time utility

date utility

copying utility

anti-virus utility

defragmenting utility

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Are Utility programs and operating systems the same kind of system?


What are operating systems and utility programs?

The operating system is the core piece of software that runs after bootup. Names of operating systems include Windows, Leopard, and Linux. A utility program is a piece of software that helps a user maintain their computer. Utility programs include defragmentation software and CCleaner.

What are the two types of system software?

operating systems and utility programs

What are the three basic operating system?

1.control programs 2.sytem service programs 3.utility programs

What type of software includes the operating system and utility programs?

System software

Is it true System software includes the operating system and utility programs?


What are the application programs and the operating system programs?

Application programs - they are designed to perform specific tasks. Widely used application programs include:- *Word processing*Spread sheet programs*Data base progrms*Graphics programs*Accounting programs*Utility Programs Norton UtilityOperating System- they are a set of instructions that enables the computer hardware and software to interact.

System software is usually divided into two categories operating system software and what programs?


System software is usually divided into two categories?

Operating system software and utility programs

What are two types of system software and how are they used?

operating system and utility programs. operating system sets programs that coordinate all the activities among computer hardware devices. provides a means for users to communicate with computer and other software. utility programs allows users to perform maintenance-type task.

What are the different kinds of utility programs?

There are many different kinds of utility programs. Examples of the different kinds of utility programs includes ant-virus programs, time utility programs, and data compression programs.

What are the difference between utility programs and operating system?

Operating System control the overall operation of the computer and it interacts directly with the hardware. Two other types of system softwares (that interacts directly with hardware) are Device Drivers and Unility Programs. Utility Programs provides an addition to the capabilities provided by the Operating System. These are the computer programs that perform a particular function related to computer system management and maintenance. Some examples of Utility Programs are Antivirus, Data Compression Softwares, Disk Optimization Softwares, Data Backup Softwares etc.

What are three kinds of system software programs?

the three kinds of system software programs includes the following:operating systemutility systemtranslator

How does operating system and utility programs work with application software?

Could you explain what do you mean because this question is unclear.

What is an example of utility?

utility may refer to programs that come with the programmer like application packages,system utilities like the operating systems.also the programming languages among others.

Examples of system software?

1. Translators e.g. Compliers, Interpreter and Assembler 2. Operating systems 3. Utility programs

Which is not a utility program?

Computer Software are of three distinctive types such as System software consisting Operating System and Utility System, and Application Softwares. Therefore, Operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Applications Software such as MS Word, Power Point, Excel and Access are not Utility Programs. Jeevan

What utility programs come with Windows XP Professional?

what are the utility programs of windows xp professional

What is the types of utility program?

those programs that are used for utility, e.g we develop a program for a electricity company or for a natural gas department. all these types of programs are utility programs.

Utility programs are a type of- software?

types of utility program

Name five utility programs?

Utility programs are made to do one or two specific tasks like cleaner and disk defragmenters. Other utility programs include WinZip, system profilers, and network managers.

Describe some types of utility programs?

There are several types of utility programs when it comes to computer software. These include anti-virus, defragmentation, as well as time utility.

Which utility provides an application with the environment it expects from the operating system?

Compatibility Mode utility

What is the main functions of utility software?

Utility software enhances the operation of the Operating System.

Compare the six popular utility program?

six popular of utility programs

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