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What are flex fuel cars?

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A flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) is an automobile that can typically burn two separate fuels or a mixture of fuels. A common example is a vehicle that can accept gasoline mixed with varying levels of bioethanol (gasohol).

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Do fuel flex cars get better gas mileage?

No, on the Chrysler products that offer flex fuel when running on E85 there is a 25% loss in fuel economy.

When will Toyota build a flex fuel sedan?

Most car companies are going in the direction of creating fuel efficient cars and trucks, but you might want to contact Toyota at their website and ask them when they will start production on flex fuel cars. GM currently has vehicles that are flex fuel so go to or and look at what flex vehicles are out on the road currently.

Can the Flex fuel logo be used on Bio Diesel cars?

The "flex fuel" logo indicates standard internal combustion of gasoline, alcohol, or similar fuels. Biodiesel does not qualify, being essentially a fuel ignited by compression.

How types of fuel you can take in cars engine?

Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, E85 in a flex fuel vehicle, & Hydrogen in future vehicles. Old steam powered cars used coal, or wood as a fuel.

How many cars in the US can burn E85 fuel?

Only vehicles that are Flex Fuel vehicles can burn E85. How many there are is of no consequence.

Is the 2000 Malibu flex fuel?

no, flex fuel is 2005 and up gm models

Who has the best gas milage for 2013 trucks?

I would say the best fuel effecient cars would be the flex fuel cars.They get great mileage and cheap to fill up.

Can all types of vehicles take flex fuel?

No , the engine has to be designed to be a flex fuel engine ( gas / E85 )

E85 2007 Chevy Trailblazer?

You cannot burn E85 in a vehicle that is not Flex Fuel. I do not think your Trailblazer is Flex Fuel. If it is it will have a yellow gas cap, and a sticker saying Flex Fuel. If you have any doubts look in your owner's manual or call your GM dealer and provide your VIN#. They can verify if it is Flex Fuel.

Can you use E85 in an 07 Vibe?

NO! As far as I know the Vibe is NOT a Flex Fuel vehicle. If it is Flex Fuel and can burn E85 it will have a label affixed to the vehicle somewhere. Do NOT use E85 in a non Flex Fuel vehicle.

Why is a 03 Tahoe fuel pump for flex fuel higher than regular?

Different alloy metals and different composite seals in the flex fuel pump.....than a regular pump. flex fuels will tear up regular fuel pumps.

Do flex fuel pumps come on a z71 Chevy Avalanche?

FlexFuel will be written on the vehicle somewhere if that vehicle is Flex Fuel.

Can you use flex fuel in a 2003 mercury mountaineer?

Some were flex, but only if you have the flex fuel motor, There will be a sticker under hood and gas door that say E85 approved.

Can you burn e20 flex fuel in your non flex fuel vehicle?

No, you cannot use E85 or above in any engine not designed for that fuel. You will damage the engine if you do.

What special features do RAV4 cars have?

RAV4 vehicles feature off roading, high fuel mileage, and Flex fuel, which allows you to use up to 85% ethanol in them. They also have a spacious interior.

Is a Chrysler Pacifica flex fuel?


What kind of fuel can you use in a flex fuel vehicle?

E85 or gas.

Can flex fuel cars use unleaded gas?

Yes but it can cause engine damage over time, don't use it if you want your car to stay strong.

What cars can use e-85?

It all depends on what year it is. and it will tell you in your owners manual if you can use what they call "flex-fuel". and don't let mechanics tell you that they can convert your engine to a flex-fuel engine. they pretty much have to rebuild everything from the pistons and camshaft to the fuel injectors. The some Saab 9-3's car use E85.

Does a 1999 Tahoe has a flex fuel sensor?


When was the Ford Flex created?

ford is an American made line of cars, therefore the ford flex was made in America

Can e85 fuel be used in your 2006 Pontiac G6?

If the car is a Flex-Fuel vehicle then yes you can use E85. If it is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle you cannot use E85. Using E85 will damage components. As far as I know your 2006 Pontiac G6 is not a Flex-Fuel vehicle. Reads your owner's manual to be sure.

What kind of fuel does the 2011 Ford Flex use?

The 2011 Ford Flex runs on regular unleaded.

What kind of fuel does the 2009 Ford Flex use?

The 2009 Ford Flex runs on regular unleaded.

What kind of fuel does the 2010 Ford Flex use?

The 2010 Ford Flex runs on regular unleaded.