What are four examples of written communication?

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This question is sort of ambiguous as it's unclear as to what it refers to as "written communication." There are books, newspapers, magazines, and epitaphs on tombstones. There are legal papers, advertisements, emails, and websites. There is typing, writing, printing, and hieroglyphs. For a specific answer, a more definitive question needs addressing, but you've got my best answers so far.
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What is an example of Communism?

Current nations that lead a Communist type of government include: . People's Republic of China . Republic of Cuba . Laos People's Democratic Republic . Socialist Republic of Vietnam

What are the four advantages of an electronic communication?

Advantage to electronic communication is that there are no restrictions to a specific time and place (asynchronous). \nIt is visual and textual rather than aural. These characteristics provide benefits in several areas \n. \n1. increased accessibility relevant to the course and the ongoing dialo ( Full Answer )

What is written communication?

Written communication is an art of organized thoughts expressed in alpha-numeric or linguistic symbols or words printed in a legible surface, usually in paper.

What are examples Communism?

All people are equal in which being ruled by the state alone.It brings a hwole group together as the power. The wealth and equality is divided among the people in which no man is richer and no man is poorer.No one is left behind. Ex: You have barely enough food for your own family and your neighbor ( Full Answer )

What are examples of communication?

there are many forms of communication. such as; letters, post cards, pictures, semaphore, emailing, texting, posting, social networking, talking one to one, walk talkies and lots more . verbal . non verbal . formal . informal . active listening

What is an example of formal communication?

Formal communication is a type document, letter, or verbalpresentation intended to share information to professionals or usedfor official purposes. Examples of this communication include somepublications, newsletters, and letters of congratulations.

Examples of grapevine communication?

A person can belong to one or more groups. As an example , a manager can belong to a group of women that go to lunch together every Friday. She can also belong to a group of managers in her department that talk about work in informal ways. She could have a third group of people scattered throughout ( Full Answer )

What are two examples of communication tools?

Two examples of communication are written and verbal. Written formsof communication include letters and email. Verbal communicationincludes speech and recorded messages.

What is an example of a community?

An example of a community is a neighbourhood. Another example of acommunity is a city, town, church, etc. all the populations that live together make up a community. An example of a community is... people raising money for a charity

What is an example of communalism?

The relationship between humans and mosquitoes could be consideredan example of communalism. The mosquito consumes the human's bloodfor its own benefit while inconveniencing and causing harm to thehuman.

What are the four levels of communication?

The levels of communication are the following.. 1) INTRAPERSONAL COMMUNICATION - is language use or thought internal to the communicator. Intrapersonal communication is the active internal involvement of the individual in symbolic processing of messages. The individual becomes his or her own sen ( Full Answer )

Example of mass communication?

Mass communication is anything that gets to lots of people. For example, tv, radio, and newspapers are all mass communication.

What is an example of upward communication?

Upward communication is the flow of information from the lowest level to the highest level in an organization. Examples of upward communication includes; . Reports of progress from subordinates to management. . Complains/grievances. . Suggestions. . New ideas to Management.

What are the examples of intrapersonal communication?

example is have you ever seen on television some of our great batsmen at the crease?sachin tendulkur batting shown on television? if one of them has faced a ball from a bowler rather carelessly you should see them muttering something or talking to themselves.

What are the Latest examples on communication process?

Written communication and its historical development Over time the forms of and ideas about communication have evolved through progression of technology. Advances include communications psychology and media psychology; an emerging field of study. Researchers divides the progression of written com ( Full Answer )

What is an example of effective communication?

Before you begin to communicate, you need to be sure that you are mentally ready to listen as well as to speak. Listening is a large part of communication that people tend to forget. When speaking about a difficult or painful topic, speak about specific events. Don't generalize and use statements su ( Full Answer )

What are the four communication skills?

The Four Communication Skills are Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Each of this skills are used daily, although some more than others: Writing (9%), reading (16%), Listening (45%) and Speaking (30%). Learners of a new language need to use all four skills in each lesson followed up with lots ( Full Answer )

What are written communications?

Written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word. It is one of the two main types of communication, along with oral/spoken communication. Written communication is very common in business situations, so it is important for small business owners and managers to ( Full Answer )

What is a example of communism?

An incredibly basic example of communism would be that you have two cows and the government takes the milk that you get from the cows and redistributes it to the rest of the population. In capitalism you have two cows and you sell one and buy a bull to make many other cows and you keep the profits. ( Full Answer )

What is a example of a community?

The definition for community is A group of populations interacting. A population is a group of individual organisms interacting in a specified area. Therefore, Examples of a Community would be something like birds and bees flying together.

What four elements are involved in communication?

Communication plays a vital role in the success of everyprofessional and personal relationship. The elements ofcommunication include sender and receiver, message encoding anddecoding, communication channels, and feedback.

What are examples of community?

A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government. The district or locality in which such a group lives. A group of people having common interests: the scientific community; the international business community. A group viewed as forming a distinct segment of society: the g ( Full Answer )

Four barriers and bridges to communication?

The National Center on Dispute Resolution offers a very good overview of effective communication skills, including bridges and barriers. Communication Involves Three Components: 1. Verbal Messages - the words we choose 2. Paraverbal Messages - how we say the words 3. Nonverbal Messages - ( Full Answer )

Examples of downword and upword communication?

In an internet environment (it is important to qualify your question) the machine containing the desirable data is considered the server (even though both machines will act as client and server, for purposes of disambiguation and simplificaton we will maintain this definition). The machine used to a ( Full Answer )

Give an example on society and community?

Society is greater than community, it is inevitable and involuntary. You are born in a society. Example: if you are born in Nepal, you are a part of the Nepalese society. Community is smaller, and you join it voluntarily because you share a common life with the people of the community. Example: a ( Full Answer )

Examples of visual forms of communication?

Visual forms of communication would primarily focus on the recipient's use of eyes. An example would be gestures such as expressing "OK" with the index finger meeting the thumb, or expressing agreement with the nodding of the head or disagreement with the left to right movement of the head. I also t ( Full Answer )

Exampl for analog communication?

In Analog communication, the analog message signal modulates some high carrier frequency inside the transmitter to produce modulated signal.this modulated signal is then transmitted with the help of a transmitting antenna to travel through the transmission channel. At the receiver, this modulated si ( Full Answer )

What is the example feedback communication?

For Example : You go on line and you have a disease but you don'tknow what it is so,you go to this web site that are about doctorsthat tell you what kind of disease you have,you type what yoursymptoms are,and they give you your answer (feedback). (For GCA ;-) b. Nodding your head. it gives them a ( Full Answer )

What is the communication situation and examples?

Communication can come in many forms including but not limited toface-to-face contact, and telecommunication. One example of acommunication situation is when an employee connects with her/hissupervisor over internet chat protocol.

What is an example of communication technology?

There are many examples of communication technologies. Some of thedevices that help us all talk to each other are listed here: 1. Phones 2. Mobile phones 3. TV 4. Internet 5. Radio

What is a real world example of communism?

China, north Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Kenya, the Soviet union ( now disolved), Yugoslavia (now disolved into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro), Jamestowns original government which failed and was replaced with a free trade republicesque government, And many mor ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of discourse communities?

Facebook, athletes, fans of a tv show/music group, instagram users, marching band, sorority/fraternity, political group, feminists, an english class... the possibilities are endless!

What are the four forms of communications?

So really, it depends on what you mean, there's Direct speaking, newspaper, talking on the phone, internet, T.V, Radio, suff like that, or there's Speaking, watching, listening, reading and many other things, but it depends on what you mean.

What four events changed the world of Matthew's community since the Gospel of Mark was written?

A: Undoubtedly one of the events was the arrival in Matthew's community of a copy of Mark's Gospel. Matthew's Gospel is known to have been based on Mark and contains some 600 of the 666 verses in Mark , often in the same words in the original Greek language. We can therefore consider the public ( Full Answer )

What are the four types of communication cables?

There are several kinds of communication cables available today.Some of these include RJ45, RJ11, serial, coaxial cables, UTPcables, fiber optic cables, and bus drop cables.

What the four levels of communication?

The four levels of communication are.. 1.intrapersonal communication it refers to communication with your self -whether you are talking to your self aloud or in the privacy of you own brain. 2.interpersonal communication is involves two persons or two groups of people who shares the rules of sen ( Full Answer )