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Input storage processing output The above is almost correct. Actually, it's the closest I've seen to the correct answer. The question is actually 40+ years old and was asked of me in an engineering class back in 1968. Back then it was 'What are the 5 parts of a computer.' Storage is too vague. The answer here is memory. Technically s computer does NOT need storage, aka a hard drive or a floppy etc to be a computer. It needs: CPU (for processing commands) Input (from a keyboard, or a floppy, a hard drive etc to input both commands and data) Output ( to a monitor, a printer, magnetic tape, paper tape, punch cards etc) Memory ( the place an actual program and or data that the CPU uses MUST reside) The 5th item I alluded to is the Arithmetic Processor. The CPU proocesses the commands while the Arithmetic Processor manipulates the data to add, subtract, multiply and divide. In today's computers (post-1985) the CPU and the Arithmetic Processor are on the same chip. Previously, for those who remember the Z80 and the 8080 processors, for more "computing power" you could install an Aritmetic Processor to upgrade the PC and give the built-in arithemtic processor more capability.

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Q: What are four parts of a computer?
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