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Q: What are four traits of Hera?
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What are hera's traits?

Hera's traits were jealousey, beautifulness, she was very hot tempered, and she was sometimes caring.

What are Hera's personality traits?

Hera's personality traits were: - vain - jealous - brave - very successful - defender of marriage Hera also did many horrible things to the women zeus was with.

Hera personality traits?

Hera was very vindictive, manipulative, cruel, and jealous when Zeus had his affair.

What are some character traits of Athena?

She is not emotional and has a huge family dispises hera and hera hates her!

Personality traits of Hera?

Hera was horribly vindictive, manipulative, and cruel, yet, as the goddess of marriage, she was steadfast.

What were some personal traits of Hera the Greek goddess?

vainity and jelousy

What is hera personal traits?

She was mean jealous and retarted because her husband was cheating on her

What are the four traits of electricity?

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How many children does the greek goddess hera?

Hera has four children, Ares, Hebe, Ilithyia, Hephasestus.

What greek goddess has a four letter name?


What are some traits about Hera?

Hera is passionate, motherly, compassionate, however, when Hera is betrayed or disrespected she could be very vindictive.

What god has four letters in their name?

Ares Hera Zeus

What are some personality traits of the greek god hera?

Hera is very jealous because her husband Zeus is constantly fooling around with other women. For this reason she can be ill-tempered.

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What would Hera the greek goddess be like if she were human?

Hera would have the same personality traits as a human as she does as a goddess. She would be keen on marriage and honesty, but she would be one jealous person.

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Four traits that will help you interact positively with others are; Accountable Adaptable Adventurous Alert

What are the names of all the greek gods with four letters?

Hera Zeus Ares

What are some Traits of Hera?

moody jealous self centered yet responsible Matronly, Cruel, Driven, Self-serving

What does four descriptive traits mean?

it means to describe four things that DESCRIBE YOU

What are some character traits of Hera?

Hera was the Queen of Heaven and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings and empires. She wanted a perfect family and is usually very kind but controlling. She also get jealous easily

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