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What are four ways the government can interfere with free trade?


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July 11, 2009 11:33PM

First: This question seems to be some sort of school question. I did not go to school so I cannot answer you with a school answer.

Second: There are infinite ways for a government or any other entity to interfere with free trade so I am going to take a guess you want the most obvious

Third: With that in mind I can only think of two obvious ones: Taxes and Legislation (which includes regulation). I suspect the third one would be "espionage" but doubt that's what your school want. Education if you want to be less direct, but then you have to go into Marketing and other indirect avenues too. Nope sorry, only two I think your school want to hear. But two is better than none, no? I'd be interested to see the answer too.

Addition: War often has a big impact on free trade. How about treaties (and other diplomac, but more treaties). Those four would be school friendly.