What are ghosts?

If you dont believe i them then you wont get haunted by them you just dont believe in them and by the way there id no such things as ghosts people only believe in them because they think that ghosts are the souls of dead people but there not souls just go into heaven there not ghosts but if you want to believe in them then you can !.

I really dont think that ghost exist because if souls go to heaven or hell then why would there be lost souls also i only believe in demons or and angel but if there is such things as ghost then i know that they are not good ghost because good souls go to heaven with their king.


What this person has told you is not true. A person's belief in ghosts is what can keep them alive. If you don't believe in ghosts then they will do some things to make you believe in them. Even hurt you if they have to. Trust me, I've had experience with them. They are real. Just because people haven't seen them or felt them doesn't mean that they don't exist. I mean you can't see air and you know that it exists, right? There are even ghosts in the bible so yeah they exist.

Ghosts are spirits of those who have passed on, who are trapped on earth or choose to stay on earth.