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What are glass made of?

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Glass, as the term is commonly used, is an amorphous solid made up of silicon dioxide (silica), sodium oxide (Na2O), calcium oxide (CaO), and other additives in small quantities which will modify its colour, strength, refractive properties at selective wavelengths and so on.

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Is glass made out of glass or something else?

Glass is made out of sand Glass is made of sand.

What is a coke glass made of?

A Coke glass is made out of colored glass.

What are glass cups made of?

they are made of glass

What is the glass pyramid in the louvre made of?

Any glass article is made of glass

Who made the magnifying glass?

Who made the magnifying glass

What is Balustrade glass is made of?

You answered your own question. Balustrade glass is made of .... glass!

What can you look out of and is made out of glass?

A window. Or what you may refer to is what is glass made of. Glass = Sand.

Is a sewing machine made of glass?

NO it is not made of glass in earlier times the sewing machine was made of metal. now it is made of plastic with glass in it

Is glass made out of sand?

yes glass is made out of sand

Are the lenses in glasses made from glass or plastic?

they are made from glass

Is the glass in jars made from quartz?

Glass is typically made by melting sand, Much of that sand consists of quartz. Some glass will also be made of recycled glass.

What are glass marbles made of?


What sintered glass crucible made of?

Sintered glass is made from glass powders pressed at a temperature under the melting point of glass.

What is a Glass contanier?

A glass container is anything made of glass that is used to contain or store something. For instance, a jar or a bottle made of glass is a glass container.

What is a magnifying glass made of?

It is made of glass, but the glass is curved so that light is magnified when it passes through it.

Is glass made out of granite?

No, glass is made from melted silicon dioxide.

Is glass made of silicon and oxygen?

Glass is manely made of SAND!

Is glass a natural resource or man-made?

Glass is man-made from a natural resource.

What is the most popular styles of stained glass?

The kind that's made of glass. The kind that's made of glass.

What is the difference between rockwool and glass wool?

rock wool is made out of rock and glass wool is made out of glass

What are things made of-glass?


If a red house is made or red bricks what is a greenhouse made of?


What is glass and how is it made?

Glass is silica dioxide. It is made by melting silica sand.

Is light bulb made of glass or plastic?

Light bulbs are made out of glass.

How was glass made in medieval times?

what were glass mirrors made of in the medieval times