What are glucose test results?

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If glucose is present, the solution will go clear blue, then cloudy green, then yellow and finally red - the precipate of copper (1) oxide.

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Q: What are glucose test results?
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Related questions

What color is positive test result for glucose?

the color of a positive test results is bright green

What happens if I ate a candy bar before a fasting glucose test?

You rather destroyed the test. Fasting glucose is used to test for diabetes and your indulgence with a candy bar would invalidate the test results.

What is involved in a Blood sugar test?

For a postprandial glucose test, you are required to eat 2 hours before a sample of your blood is taken. The results of your postprandial glucose test should be ready in 1-to-2 hours.

What are the Benedicts test results for glucose?

the solution will turn a 'brick red' colour if positive but will stay blue if negative.

Why are patients fasted before Oral Glucose Tolerance Test?

To make the results all the same for different people. If you have eaten food prior to the test, the results will be different - actually fasting before the test might avoid any false result. because when we are fasting the glucose supply will be cut and so, this will not interfere with the glucose loaded during the experiment. because what we want to observe is how the body will react with that particular amount of glucose intake in the given time.

Where can a person go for a blood glucose test?

There are many ways one can get a blood glucose test. One way is to go to the doctors or a lab to have them draw some blood to check the glucose levels. Another way is to buy a glucose monitor where you just get a small prick and the machine will instantly read the results.

What is a glucose blood test for?

To test for the amount of sugars (glucose) in the blood.

What is a ancillary blood glucose test?

bedside blood glucose test

How can you find out if a high glucose test was a result of diabetes or stress?

Ask your doctor to interpret the test results for you. Your doctor may also wish to order additional tests.

Does eating a lot of sugar the day before a glucose test affect the results?

hmmmmm.... sugar + glucode. therefore eating a lot of sugar would increase ur glucose level.....

What is used to test for the presence of glucose?

Benedict's Solution is used to test for the presence of glucose.

What effect would injecting insulin have on the results of the test?

The insulin would regulate the blood glucose level and this will give the correct reading.

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