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it must take one to know one

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What are so good come backs to saying i love you to your boyfriend?

Saying, "I love you too" is a good start, if you love her...

What are some good dodgeball team names?

goal diggers come backs funky fresh boyz

When did snap backs come out?

They came out in 2000

How long is a book in mm?

Books come in many sizes: paper backs, hard backs, and so on.

Do the 39 clue books only come in hard backs?

Because in soft backs they cant put the cards in.

Is it true that robots can come out of clocks and go in peoples backs?


What sort of rabbits are good with children?

dutch saddle backs

Who invented i know you are but what am i?

pee wee Herman a gay man. who has bad come backs

What colors do the palm pixi and palm pre come in?

Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus only come in black. Pixi and Pixi Plus also are only available in black but accessory backs are avaialble in several colors including yellow, red and blue. Also available are artist backs, backs which have artwork that add color.

What is the best defensive strategy for madden 2009?

I like to play with a team that has a team of good Defensive Backs. Like the Steelers, Ravens and the Jets. This allows you to blitz and be confident that you have good Defensive Backs in the back field.

How does blue jeans come backs to Milley?

Wach on canal 34 on this saterday day or Sunday

What are gay come backs?

It depends on what you mean. If you are talking about responding to an insult with another insult, then a gay come back would have an LGBT theme to it.

How do you put down the back seat of your 2008 dodge charger?

To just fold down the seat backs, there are small fabric loops towards the top of the seat backs on the driver and passenger sides, against the door frame. Pull those and the seat backs will come forward.

Will purchasing body jewelry with screw off backs help someone who constantly loses their jewelry?

Screw off backs can be good, but if you lose your jewelry it may not be the best option.

Any good come backs you can say to a friend that doesnt want to be your friend anymore?

I'm better off without you anyway. It's obvious that neither one of us are getting what we were looking for anyway.

What does your poop do if you dont have a good diet?

it backs up in your intestines and causes weight gain.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Good Life - 1975 Backs to the Wall 1-7?

The Good Life - 1975 Backs to the Wall 1-7 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G UK:U (video rating) (1994) (2002)

Are thai ridge backs good family pets?

Yes they are very good family pets i have two of them molly and max

How come betta fish lay on the backs on the bottom?

bettas are not sick when they lay on their side they sleep that way

When does Smackdown vs Raw 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 come out?

it is supposed to come November 10, 2009 according to wikipedia-there will probably be a couple of push backs though

Do the bleacher seats in Wrigley Field have backs?

No, the bleacher seats do not have backs. Only the seats in the grandstand have backs. Bleacher seating by its very definition means no backs.

You are a parallelagram?

you can not say that a person is a parallelogram, it doesn't make any sense. So if you are trying to use that as a come back it is a BAD one!!!! get new come backs

How come when you scratch a dog it zones out and is oblivious to the world?

They like their backs scratched too, just like humans

What number is a left back?

Full backs (left backs and right backs) usually wear 2 or 3.

What are the different type of earring backs that hold the earrings on?

There are the push on,locking backs,screw on backs,and plastic stoppers

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