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Walmart, Ikea, and Winners usually have great deals! And for electronics go to Future Shop.

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Q: What are good deals on Christmas gifts in Georgia or the Southern US?
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Where can you find some good deals on Christmas gifts?

You can find some great Christmas Deals at Boots, Metro Centre, Blue Dolphin Centre, Superdrug and Savers.

Did southern colonies celebrate Christmas?

Yes they did celebrate Christmas, but they did not give gifts do to the fact that there was not much to give

What are some unique Christmas gifts?

Some unique Christmas gifts are things that you don't normally give people. You can do Groupons and team buy deals that are random and get a good deal off of it.

What day are most Christmas gifts bought?

Around 10th Dec - 23rd Dec, this is when most gifts have been bought because of deals and bargains:)

What are some fun Christmas gifts for men?

Some fun Christmas gifts for men are exotic sports car racing Groupons and skiing deals and tickets to sporting events. You can find cool items at joke stores.

Why do jamaicans get gifts on Christmas?

For the same reason you get Christmas gifts

Is Christmas about gifts?

No Christmas is not about gifts. Its about loving caring and be with your family.

What are the Ukrainian traditional Christmas gifts?

christmas gifts given by santa

When are the Christmas gifts open?

On Christmas day is the day that you traditionally open your gifts.

I don't get why you give gifts at Christmas?

Gifts are given at Christmas as a reminder of the gifts that were given to baby Jesus by the wise men.

Why do you wrap Christmas gifts?

It is always fun to give a surprise. That is why we wrap the Christmas gifts.

Do UK exchange gifts at Christmas?

Yes, they do exchange gifts at Christmas in the United Kingdom.

What were the top gifts for Christmas 2011?

The Ipad2 was amongst the top gifts for Christmas 2011.

What kind of gifts do the children receive in Italy at Christmas?

Who delivers the gifts at Christmas in Italy

How Grinch stole the Christmas?

He went to the town of whoville and stole all the gifts the the christmas trees,lights, anything that deals with christmas he took even all there food. But in the end his heart grew and he gave back everything he took and celebrated christmas

Does China give gifts at Christmas?

No, China does not give gifts at Christmas. This is because Christmas Day is not an official holiday in China.

What time of year do Christmas gift sets go on sale?

Christmas gifts are on sale all year long. You can start shopping for your next year's gifts as early as Dec. 26th. It seems though that the best deals are on black Friday, or the Friday after Thanksgiving. I have found that you can sometimes get better deals online than dealing with those crowds and lines in the stores.

When are gifts given in Ireland on Christmas?

Christmas gifts are usually given before, or on, the 24th December (Christmas Eve) - in time to be opened on Christmas Day.

Who brings gifts on Christmas in Peru?

Papa Noel brings the gifts for Christmas in Peru. His name simply means Father Christmas.

When do you open the gifts for Christmas?

on Christmas eve

Where can you buy Christmas gifts?

When looking for Christmas gifts, one can look in many different places. During the holiday season practically every retail store and supermarket will have a dedicated section for Christmas gifts. Alternatively you can also buy Christmas gifts online, in places such as Amazon.

Where can chocolate christmas gifts be purchased?

Chocolate Christmas gifts can be purchased at See's Candies, Neiman Marcus, FTD, and All About Gifts and Baskets. Stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target also carry chocolate Christmas gifts around the Christmas holiday.

Do people in Norway exchange gifts during Christmas?

they get gifts but do not exchange gifts

What are some American traditions for Christmas?

Some Christmas traditions are hanging up Christmas lights, going to your families and celebreate Christmas with a big Christmas meal and then the children open gifts that Santa brings them. Then on Christmas day the kids usually get gifts but some of them get coal, those who get gifts open them.

Where can one find DIY Christmas gifts?

DIY Christmas gifts can be found from many different stores. Some examples of stores that offer DIY Christmas gifts include MarthaStewart and Art of Manliness.