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What are good instrumentals to listen to while relaxing?


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Maybe try some Jean-Luc Ponty, a violinist who would probably be classified in lite jazz or New Age. Keiko Matsui is a pianist who would be classified the same. French Horn, baby! All the way...


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its relaxing and good fillings to listen a music.

No, it is not good to listen to loud music while working out. You don't need to have your heart pounding while you are trying to get a good workout going.

i usually think about good things while listening to relaxing or any type of good music. that stops the paranoia for a good amount of time

Hawaii is a good place to live because it is relaxing and it is a good place to get away of your kids or have a nice relaxing vacation

The Campfire Song from Spongebob of course!

If you feel pretty bloated and your stressed out I would really recommend to take a warm bubble bath with a relaxing scent. Listen to some relaxing music. Stress is a big part on the body and can increase or decrease pain or fear if you are really focusing on them. Good Luck!

You can download free beats from Beat Bulletin. All of the instrumentals are 100% free, professional, original, royalty-free, and unlimited use. New beats are added everyday. I love this site!

Minecraft Fallen Kingdom parody (from CaptianSparklez).

It can be relaxing, and good stress easer

Listen up, and, listen good.............................................. listen to what! jack wagon

This is a webpage with a few awesome instrumentals, check it out. -arrival to earth -departure to the frontlines -heart of courage also: Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 or anything by the Trans Siberian Orchestra

city by Hollywood undead or Down with the sickness by Disturbed

Jacuzzi are good for a few things. A Jacuzzi is good for relaxing and pain.

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Yes. Really good. It's relaxing for the mind and great for your fitness.

It is completely subjective. You have to decide for yourself.

carefully Listen carefully to what I have to say....

the effects on listen to music will lead to better mood swings and an increase of grades. Studies also show that if you listen to music each day, kids will get involved with violence and other stuff

Crochet is a useful craft that is enjoyable and relaxing, so yes, it's good in that respect.

It opens the capillaries and has an overall relaxing effect on the human physiology.

It is funny, relaxing and good for health

Yes it is good to listen to music when you are ill because it calms you down.

Centry City is a good mall for shopping, and The Grove is good for relaxing and eating.

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