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Maybe try some Jean-Luc Ponty, a violinist who would probably be classified in lite jazz or New Age. Keiko Matsui is a pianist who would be classified the same. French Horn, baby! All the way...

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Q: What are good instrumentals to listen to while relaxing?
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WHAT do you feel when you listen to reggae?

its relaxing and good fillings to listen a music.

Is it good to listen to loud music while working out?

No, it is not good to listen to loud music while working out. You don't need to have your heart pounding while you are trying to get a good workout going.

What is good music to listen to while on ecstasy?

Happy hardcore

How can you get rid of paranoid feeling?

i usually think about good things while listening to relaxing or any type of good music. that stops the paranoia for a good amount of time

What are good songs to listen to while your on your period?

anything freaking adele.

How do you reduce bloating immediately?

If you feel pretty bloated and your stressed out I would really recommend to take a warm bubble bath with a relaxing scent. Listen to some relaxing music. Stress is a big part on the body and can increase or decrease pain or fear if you are really focusing on them. Good Luck!

Why is Hawaii a good place to visit?

Hawaii is a good place to live because it is relaxing and it is a good place to get away of your kids or have a nice relaxing vacation

What Are Good websites for free instrumentals?

You can download free beats from Beat Bulletin. All of the instrumentals are 100% free, professional, original, royalty-free, and unlimited use. New beats are added everyday. I love this site!

What are some good songs to listen to while camping?

The Campfire Song from Spongebob of course!

What are good Lil Wayne songs to listen to while high?

I Feel Like Dying

How do you study and have funn?

Listen to relaxing music, and think of the high hopes you can get too by studying. Like getting a good job, getting paid, having children.

What are some good song to listen while on minecraft?

Minecraft Fallen Kingdom parody (from CaptianSparklez).

What is a good rock song to listen to while driving my ''ferrari''?

Back in Black by AC DC

This type of music brings the body and soul into harmony?

I have relaxing and calm music and sounds on my YT channel AuroraCow that help people to relaxing and sleep. It can also help you with other kinds of meditation and focus.

Is writing music for women good?

It can be relaxing, and good stress easer

What good songs can you listen to while playing Black Ops?

city by Hollywood undead or Down with the sickness by Disturbed

What are the good effects on kids who listen to music while working?

the effects on listen to music will lead to better mood swings and an increase of grades. Studies also show that if you listen to music each day, kids will get involved with violence and other stuff

What is a good way to start a speech?

Listen up, and, listen good.............................................. listen to what! jack wagon

Why are patio lounge chairs good for relaxing?

Patio lounge chairs are considered good relaxation spots because they allow people to rest and recharge outdoors. While using a patio chair, people can enjoy good weather, fresh air, and sunbathing.

What is some good music to listen to while high and not any gay reggae crap?

It is completely subjective. You have to decide for yourself.

In terms of health what is a Jacuzzi good for?

Jacuzzi are good for a few things. A Jacuzzi is good for relaxing and pain.

What is a good way to spend your 43 birthday?

At home relaxing.

Where Can I Find A Relaxing Video Of A Water Fountains?

Look Up This Video On Youtube: Relaxing Water Fountains ct6c & click the one that said: Relaxing Water Fountains. Enjoy The Relaxing Water. It Good For Yoga, Sleeping & Child & Studying. Please Turn It Up To Hear

Is yoga good for your health?

Yes. Really good. It's relaxing for the mind and great for your fitness.

Will listing to music impove your memory for a test?

Yes and no it depends on what kind of music and the volume. Some musics such as classical , pop, and country music have a good effect on memory. If you listen to rap, or unscensored music does not have a good affect on your memory. So if you want to listen to music listen to pop, country, or classical before a test while studying and not right before it.