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Insulators are usually plastics, and conductors are usually metal.

for electricity:
Bowl (plastic), tupperware containers, plastic utensils, formica or granite countertop, plastic microwave or oven handle, spatulas, stone-sinks

egg beaters/whisk, metal knives, metal flippers for burgers, sink faucet, metal bowls, metal utensils (silverware)

for heat:
insulators: plastics, porous items (*sponges), -your entire refrigerator-
conductor: metals, stone countertops, glass (the glass measuring cups come to mind, the ones you put boiling water in)

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They are moderately good insulators.

Metals and graphite are good electrical conductors, all others are good insulators.

The rails are good conductors The wooden ties they rest on are insulators

conductors are good conductors of heat ...where as insulators are bad conductors of heat......this condition also applies in the case of electricity ....

No, most gases are good insulators. Fluids can be good conductors. Mercury is normally a liquid and is a good conductor.

Insulators are the complete opposite of conductors. Insulators insulate the heat, but conductors let it pass straight through.

Good conductors are poor insulators.

Metals are good conductors of electricity. Insulators are bad conductors of electricity. Similarly, semiconductor devices are partial conductors of electricity means their conductivity lies between conductors and insulators.

because insulators don't conduct any electricity but conductors do conduct electricity

humans are not insulators, but are conductors!

Materials that have free electrons are good conductors of heat as well as electricity, so they are not insulators

In general, metals are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Metals tend to be excellent conductors. This makes them poor insulators.

Yes, because they are metals insulators are nonmetals.

They're called conductors. As opposed to insulators, which don't conduct. Metals are typically pretty good conductors.

The best insulators are made out of materials that are not good conductors. This is why foam substances and cotton fabrics are good insulators.

conductors:copperironaluminiuminsulators:woodplasticglassHOPE YOU LIKE IT =) HAVE A GOOD DAY!

yes! nails are a good conductors because our body itself is a good conductor and they are a part of it.therefore,they too are good conductors.

Conductors are materials that allow energy such as heat and electricity to pass through while insulators prevent the energy to flow. Most metals are considered good conductors while rubber is a good insulator.

Insulators: wood, plastic Conductors: Copper, Gold

Conductors- Most types of metal. Copper and Aluminium are used these days. Silver is a very good conductor but it is expensive. Insulators- rubber, plastic and wood are good insulators in the solid state.

No. Most metals are good conductors of electricity and are not insulators.

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