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There are a bunch of great magazines on writing available. Two examples are "Writer's Digest" and "The Writer". These writing magazines are an asset for any writer of any level. However, they are mostly geared toward unpublished aspiring writers. Both of these writing magazines include articles that have tips and instruction on how to actually write fiction, nonfiction, query letter, proposals, etc. They also have articles about the business aspect of writing. The business aspect includes the endless submission process to publishers and ongoing publicity. It is important for a writer to not only know how to write, but to market his/her work effectively. One great thing about these magazines is that they usually profile an author(s) that has been published recently or has achieved success. They explain how they came upon that writing success and the many failures they had to overcome first. For example, many now famous writers had their manuscripts rejected over 50 times before it was accepted. This type of story gives aspiring writers hope. These magazines are available at a local bookstore. Note: These magazines are useful to read for beginners. After experience is gained, they may seem repetitive. Also note they are more tools of the publishing industry, since they eagerly parrot what publishers feed them. There is more room for entrepreneurial effort, in terms of getting published, than they will lead subscribers to believe.

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Q: What are good magazines about writing?
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