What are good maths warm up games?

Bang is an excelent game. The teacher stands in the middle, and the children stand in a circle around her. The teacher points at a child and says bang, and that child has to bend down, you then say a problem for the two children eather side of the child bending down. Whoever says the correct answer first, stays standing up, and the child who lost sits down- they are out. The child who was neeling down stands back up and continues with the game. This game comtinues with all th children around the circle, until only two children are left. Those two children stand in the middle of the circle, and have a shoot off. You give those two children a sum to solve, whoever gets the correct answer first, wins the game.

Be sure to pick different children, and use worded problems, mental sums, division sums, and many more, hope this game will suit your class.