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pretty much any thing that isn't rap


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"No, they do not swear in any songs" I am sorry to break it to you but yes, yes they do have swears. Like in best song ever, etc.

Yes. He swears in about half of his songs, and slips up in interviews. Even at concerts he swears a lot.

Yes, maybe a quarter of all there songs have some profanity

Eminem does not have one solitary song without swearing. The song "Mockingbird" is close, he only swears at the end.

Yes, but I think if you look hard, there is a non-explict version to her songs.

she can and she can't its her own problem if she swears but i say no

No, there are not any swears in her songs. Unless you see "Damn" as a swear.

Yeah, she swears in songs and stuff. But she is still a great person who loves her fans!

She swears in two songs: Ashes (she says "as*", "f**k you" and "f**king") and in Dirty Water (she says "s**t").

Jessie J swears in Do It Like A Dude, Repeat and Nobody's Perfect.

Yes she does, as every human does some point in their life. She swears in some of her songs as well.

hiatus by asking Alexandria is a good one

Choose recent songs (without bad language!) with a good beat so its catchy and fun for them

She swears in California Girls Hot n Cold fireworks teenage dream circle the drain

If he swears he didn't break the vase, we'll trust him. He swears that the fire was an accident.

yes she swears she used the f word as the name of her song and most of her songs have swear words in them MOST of them not ALL of them

Yes, in the song dynomite it says the f word:(, that is the only song by him I know that swears in it but there may be more.

because she thinks that swear words add more rythm and describe the songs personality .In all she has about 200 swear words plus in all of her songs combined . However in songs like You make me sick and please don't leave me there aren't any swears.

The songs that are good for talent shows are songs that express your talent and style.Thats what people judge. Classic songs are good. Although, it's good to add your own flare and scales. Most songs that are on 'American Idol' are good to sing for people 12 and up. Brand new music like Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez are good for most people without added flair. It also just depends what kind of music you like, it will help you express yourself more.

No! She is not the type of person that would swear! yes, in guilty pleasure she swears in at least 1 song... times up

Because rap is the way he expresses his feelings and thoughts, and alot of them are quite angry, and like most people he swears when he is angry.

I belive that there are aproximetly 56 swears in the English language

Without the internet where would you download the the songs from

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