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Rock wool and fiberglass are great sound insulaters and anything that is rough is also good like spray on foam or carpeting. You install fiberglass or rock wool in your dry wall but that would having to tear it out or you could make holes on your wall and fill it with expandable foam. but the most non invasive choice is to just tack carpeting or a blanket on your wall. However the latter wont insulate as well as the former choices. Carpeting on the floor and ceiling would also help but spray on foam would probley be easier if you are doing the ceiling.

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Q: What are good sound insulators and why?
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What are good sound insulators for ear defenders?

ear, science good

What are some good sound insulators?

concrete, something along those lines

What is in an example of a good insulator?

A material or an object that does not easily allow heat, electricity, light, or sound to pass through it. Air, cloth and rubber are good electrical insulators; feathers and wool make good thermal insulators.

Are straws good conductors or insulators?

They are moderately good insulators.

Why are plastics good electrical insulators?

Plastics are a good electrical insulators because they are insulators. Electricity could not pass through them unlike copper. Another good example of insulators is rubber.

Why are blankets good insulators?

Blankets are defined to be insulators.

List 10 examples of good insulators and explain why they are good?

10 good insulators is........... YO NIZZLE!

Name 2 insulators?

Insulators are materials or substances that do not readily allow the passage of sound or heat. Two examples of insulators are glass and porcelain.

What kind of materials make good thermal insulators?

There are a number of materials that make good thermal insulators. Blankets and pockets of air make good thermal insulators for example.

What kind of materials make the best insulators?

The best insulators are made out of materials that are not good conductors. This is why foam substances and cotton fabrics are good insulators.

Which solids are good electrical conductors and which are good insulators?

Metals and graphite are good electrical conductors, all others are good insulators.

What are some good insulators?

plastic, paper, wood, cardboard, and rubber are all good insulators

Are conductor materials good insulators?

No, insulators and non conductive.

What are good food insulators?

Styrofoam, cotton, and paper towels are very good food insulators. Also, silica gel and wool can be decent insulators as well.

Why are feathers good insulators?

Feathers are good insulators because they trap air. Motionless air is a very good insulator.

Are diapers good insulators?

diapers are good insulators because they hold in the cold and and heat but is a bad conductor

Why are Popsicle sticks good insulators?

If they are dry they would act as insulators.

What are some examples of poor insulators?

Good conductors are poor insulators.

What is a good sound insulant?

A vacuum is a great sound insulator. Materials that absorb energy such as wool are good insulators as well. I heard of a silicone adhesive that transformed acoustic energies into heat - that was a good insulator if it was used to glue two sheets of something together.

Gases are good insulators because their molecules are?

Gases are good insulators because their molecules are very sparsely distributed.

Why are non metals good insulators?

not all non metals are good insulators only the solid non-metals

Are all insulators and conductors solids?

No, most gases are good insulators. Fluids can be good conductors. Mercury is normally a liquid and is a good conductor.

Is quartz a conductor or insulator?

Quartz crystals are insulators, very good insulators.

What are good insulators?

Good insulators include glass, styrofoam, plastic, wood, rubber, cloth, air, glass, and etc. It really depends on what you want to use it for. For example, fiberglass or styrofoam works the best as heat insulators. And rubber or glass as electric insulators.

Are metals good insulators?

Metals tend to be excellent conductors. This makes them poor insulators.