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What are good survey sites for teens that pay and aren't bogus?


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Well, there are quite a few good sites out there that have a low payout, and are easy to use. Here are a few I use: Neobux, Neobux is a PTC meaning every time you click on an ad, they pay you something ranging from 0.001-0.10 cents. Its not much but its quick and easy to use.

Another site I use is PrizeRebel. Its very easy to use, and they pay you when you reach $5. You can redeem for things off there site, or off of other sites like eBay, DealExtreme, or Amazon. They are easy to use, have a friendly support team, and are fast when shipping your redeemed prize.

The last site I use is PrizeBrand. Its PrizeRebel's sister site, and they pay for playing games and doing offers. Its a lot like Prizerebel and its very easy to use. I mainly make money off the "Game of the day" which you get payed for playing. The games pay from 5 cents to 30 cents.