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mountain gorillas: about 700

eastern lowland gorillas: about 5000

cross river gorillas: about 200

western lowland gorillas: about 100,000


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why i chosse the gorillas and why how many gorillas are left on earth

there are 4 species the lowland gorillas, the cross river gorillas, the nigerian/cameroonian gorilas; the mountain gorillas.

There are about 790 gorillas left in the world.

About 300 gorillas get killed a year

So many gorillas... too many too count... :l

I believe there are no more or no less than 10,000 gorillas in the world where as there once was about 1,000,000 gorillas

650 mountain gorillas left inthe world

In 1840 there were about 1000 mountain gorillas left.

There is really no true answer but there are 600 mountain gorillas in the wiles estimated

Gorillas generally have nineteen to twenty babies in one pregnancy.

yes there are gorillas in many chirldrens books

Gorillas usually have 1 baby. They rarely have twins.

Gorillas live in many environments on the African continent. The rainforest is one of the areas that gorillas make their homes.

Yes. Gorillas are found in many zoos around the world.

around 800 including the gorillas living in zoos

there are only about 700,000 gorillas left on earth.So sad to bad

mountain gorillas normally have 1 baby a year

There used to be an estimated 5000 mountain gorillas in the 1910's.

estimated 25 white gorillas left in the world

Collective nouns for gorillas are: a band of gorillasa troop of gorillasa whoop of gorillas

There are just over 53,000 gorillas left in the wild presently,

There are approximately 4,000 Eastern Lowland Gorillas left in the wild currently.

gorillas have a heart with 4 chambers and a blood system that uses hemoglobin

Mountain gorillas and the Western Gorillas are two types of endangerd gorillas.

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