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Food Safety Section, Food Safety Division, Industrial Technology Development Institute, DOST

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Q: What are goverment agencies for food safety in the Philippines?
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What are government agencies for food safety in the Philippines?

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What is laws and ordinances in the Philippines regarding food safety food supply and sanitation?

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Which government agencies provide social regulation?

Through such agencies as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the EPA

What is laws and ordinances in the Philippines regarding food supply food safety and sanitation?

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How is the safety of a product generally determined?

Depending on the product there are different agencies that determine the safety of that product. The Food and Drug administration reviews products for safety for any drug or food product that a company is trying to sell.

Food safety regulations in the Philippines?

Food safety regulations are put in place in order to ensure that all consumers are protected. The regulations make it possible for those selling food to do so to their best ability.

Who regulates safety standards for patients in hospital?

The Department of Health- who licenses and oversees hospitals. Other agencies, such as the Food & Drug Administration, may oversee drug safety.

What is the name of the government agency that checks drugs for safety?

In the US, the government agency that checks drugs for safety and efficacy is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Other countries have their own, different, government agencies for this purpose.

Does Nesvita milk in the Philippines contain melamine?

Many goods being imported to the Philippines have been tainted with melamine. Check out Food Safety Central ( for all the news on the melamine scandal and much more.

Dangers in using TRUVIA?

There are no known dangers of using Truvia. It has been approved by both the FDA and many global food safety agencies including the European Food Safety Administration and the French Food Safety Administration. Also, stevia (which Truvia is made of) has been popular in Japan for over 40 years and in South America for over a hundred years with no dangers noted.

How does Indonesia government affect its people?

the goverment actualy trade their people for food

What are the areas of training in catering safety?

Mostly, it is about food server safety training and food safety training. Food safety is one of the biggest safety issues when it comes to the food and hospitality industry. You and your workers need to have the right training for food serving and food safety as without it, you can put a lot of people in danger.

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