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What are governments doing to preserve wildlife?

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What are governments doing to protect and preserve the rainforests?

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What is being done to help preserve the Siberian Tigers?

Zoos, and other wildlife parks are doing their best.

What is better a zoo or wildlife preserve?

A wildlife preserve because the animals live a more natural life.

What is the web address of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega Georgia?

The web address of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve is:

What are the World governments doing to preserve the Amazon forest?

They are working to try and help people who live there and stop desforestation.

What is the phone number of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega Georgia?

The phone number of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve is: 706-864-9411.

How can humans help Florida panthers?

People can help Florida panthers by donating money to Okehelee wildlife preserve ,WWF, or Lacotahatchee wildlife preserve.

What areVarious steps taken by govt to preserve wild life?

wildlife preserve areas

Where is the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega Georgia located?

The address of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve is: 469 Old Dahlonega Hwy, Dahlonega, GA 30533-5745

What is a lion preserve?

A wildlife preserve is an area set aside to protect the animals in their natural environment.

Do humans preserve wildlife?

Some do, but, unfortunately, some don't.

What Philippine island is a preserve for endangered African wildlife?


What is a wildlife preserve?

An area designated for the protection of endangered species

How many member does the Wildlife Conservation Society consist of?

1,232,612,239,289 members who work hard to preserve and save wildlife.

What is the definition of wildlife conservation?

A wildlife preserve is a protected piece of land by the government in order not to endanger the usually vibrant wildlife in that area. Wildlife conservation is the protection of species and habitats of animals.

What is an area of land where wild animals can live safely?

Animal Preserve or Wildlife Preserve or Animal Reservation or Game Park

Which Organizations preserve wildlife?


What is the importance of wildlife parks?

They preserve the plant and wildlife species, help tourism and educate people about the animal's environment and habitat.

What efforts are happening to preserve wildlife?

People can help by reproducing the animals. As well, preservation of wildlife habitat preserves the animals.

What does a Wildlife Agent do?

wildlife agent do,they protect the wild fauna in their habitat in order to preserve their races from the human distractive activity.

What is wildlife preservation?

It is an attempt to preserve wildlife, forests, natural springs, and various other things that you would find in a wild enviroment.

What is wildlife forensic scientist do?

they study things left behind by wildlife. for example, they will find bones or footprints and preserve them making fossils.

What is the name of the animal conservatory near Dahlonaga Georgia?

It is the Chestetee Wildlife Preserve

What are the areas in Trinidad that ar used to preserve wildlife?

Its a swamp I've been there

What is being done to preserve the tigers?

they are being kept in wildlife conservation habitats