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The most popular greeting used in Australia is G'day Mate! which means good day friend. How ya goin' is another one plus all the usual ones like just plain hello and hi - which are much more commonly used! If you're not Australian it's best not to use the peculiarly Australian ones as it doesn't sound quite right!

sup man or hey man is popular with cool people like me


G'day is a good one. It is used more in the country, than the city areas.

Some may say "see yar ron" = "see you later on"

"bit of a digbat" ="silly"

"sheila" = "female"

"she be apples" = "everything going to be OK"

"shirty" = "upset"

"shout" = "your turn to buy" i.e. Beer

"slog or yakka" = "hard work"

"back of bourke" = "a way long from where ever you are"

"barrack" = "supporting one's team"

"footy" = "australian rules football" not the same as soccer or us football.

the list goes on.

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Q: What are greetings used in Australia?
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