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Black Powder pistols fall under the same category as modern handguns/firearms in Washington state. You must meet the same requirements to purchase and/or be in possession of one the same as if it were a Glock 9mm. A black powder firearm is regulated under Washington State Law and requires all state mandated transfer requirements (page 9 WA State DOL Firearms Dealer Training Manual) and under Washington State Law, if you are prohibited from owning or possessing a modern firearm, you are prohibited from owning a black powder firearm as well. This is a fairly recent change in Washington (within the last couple of years) and over 90% of the states, including California and even Washington, D.C. have no such requirements in order to purchase, own or possess a black powder firearm be it rifle or hand gun. Prior tothis change, you simply needed to provide i.d to prove you were of age (18), lay down the money and walk out the door.

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Q: What are gun laws on black powder pistols in Washington state?
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What are gun laws on black powder pistols in Connecticut state?

There are no laws for black powder pistols in ct buy it, load it, carry it, perfectly legal to do so. People saying you cant dont know squat about ct laws, they are morons telling you lies..............

What are gun laws on black powder pistols in Indiana?

your best resource would be the BATFE website or nra site, both have an extensive data base on black powder laws by state and local jurisdiction.

Do black powder pistols require registration?

no they do not ----- In general, black powder handguns do not require registration. I would check with local authorities, however, because the registration laws vary from state to state, and may even involve local ordinances.

What are gun laws on black powder pistols in Oregon?

The NRA has an extensive data base on state and local laws, as well as a forum. It should be able to answer your question.

Is it legal to conceal black powder pistols?

It depends on the state law in the state you live in. In most states you will need a concealed weapon permit. So long as you have a CWP you should be fine, not the best for personal protection, but it will work.

Are gun permits required for black powder pistols in Michigan?

I know as far as carry goes the same laws govern black powder as moder firearms, as for purchase I don't know. The NRA-ILA website has a information database of gun laws by state and an ask the experts section that should be able to

Can a felon own and hunt with a black powder gun in the state of Oregon?

can a felon own and hunt with a black powder rifle in the state of oregon

Do you have to call the state to transfer a black powder gun?

I imagine state laws vary on this but in Texas you do not have to call anybody to transfer a black powder gun.

Where is the Black Heritage Society Of Washington State in Seattle Washington located?

The address of the Black Heritage Society Of Washington State is: Po Box22961, Seattle, WA 98122-0961

What are gun laws on black powder pistols in new york state?

The NRA-ILA website has an extensive search-able data base of federal and state laws, That would be a good place to start. Also your local gun shop would know if there are any local laws that amend or differ from state laws.

In the state of Maine can a felon hunt with a black powder gun?

nope you have to get a permit

What is the state law owning a black powder gun in Missouri if you are a convicted felon?

State law has nothing to do with it. It is a FEDERAL offense for a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm or ammunition of ANY type, ANY where, for ANY reason. (US Code, Title 18). It is not a FEDERAL offense to own BLACK POWDER pistols or rifles, if you are a felon. They are NOT considered FIREARMS as long as they represent such guns manufactured prior to early 1900, are muzzle loaders, cap and ball, flintlock, known as percussion guns. A replica such as a Colt 1851/1858 .44 cal revolver, cap and ball, black powder gun is NOT considered a FIREARM. None of the black powder guns, either pistol or rifle are considered FIREARMS. per code of federal regulations , and the ATF. Even a Federal Felon, can own a black powder gun, in most States. Even though the respective State is in error if they deny a Felon the right to own and shoot a BLACK POWDER gun, most felons challenging the States decision to deny, will find a long and expensive court battle. There are less than a half dozen States that do not recognize the Federal Law view that black powder guns are NOT FIREARMS. So if you are a felon, don't be in one of those States if you intend on owning a black powder rifle or pistol. Mail order,buy at a gun show or private individual, and have some fun shooting black powder.

In the state of Florida can a convicted felon own a black powder pistol?

No a convicted felon can not own any type of projectile firearm. A black powder pistol is still a firearm. no it is a firearm

Can a convicted felon hunt with a black powder rifle in Indiana?

In the state of Missouri Its perfectly legal to hunt with a black powder rifle during deer season. In all counties

Can Massachusetts felons own black powder guns?

ask your state Attorney General

Who is state bird is yellow and black?

Washington... The Gold Finch

Are bears native to Washington state?

yes, the black bear.

What type of bears are native to Washington state?

The black bear.

Can you own black powder firearms in Indiana if your convicted of domestic violence in another state?

check with you state Attorney General

Are there any state a felon can hunt in with black powder rifle or shotgun?

You may have to check with your individual state of residence. However, be advised that Federal statutes (US Code, Title 18) specifically describes and defines black powder arms as "firearms" under the law.

Can a felon in Arizona own a black powder rifle?

If he was convicted in state court - not without having his record expunged by the state of AZ - If he is a felon convicted in a FEDERAL court he can never be eligible to own or possess a firearm including black powder weapons.

Can a felon own a black powder gun in West Virgina?

ask your state Attorny General

Can a convicted felon own a black powder firearm in nh?

Yes you can. Black powder firearms are exempt from federal laws. You can buy black powder hand guns and rifles, powder, caps all of it. You can buy black powder firearms though the mail, you can hunt with them. The modern black powder rifle are very very accurite some revolvers are to. Buy a gun or too and have fun.

Can a felon own a black powder gun in Virginia?

No. There is no state were a felon may own any firearm.

Can a felon own a black powder gun in AZ?

It depends. If you were a STATE-convicted felon perhaps.- check with your state law enforcement. If you were a FEDERAL-convicted felon, NO! USC, Title 18 forbids possession of any firearm (and specifically includes black-powder arms) to a convicted felon.