What are harsh environments?

A wool like harsh as no real measurable meaning. An Inuit would find a winter day in Florida incredibly warm, a Bedouin would find the same day chilly. A harsh environment is therefor one where you feel uncomfortable, don't have the shelter or clothing to allow you to be out and about in or one where you can't grow the food you want to eat.For most American, for example, this would be any location which is:

  • below -40 C any time of the year
  • above +40 C any time of the year
  • a location suffering a drought or periodic flood (like monsoon)
  • a location where the soil is never frost free
  • deserts
  • mountain tops which have too little air to breathe and not enough air pressure for water to be more than warm when it boils
Other people in the world live comfortably in locations with there conditions.

Harsh environments are places where it's difficult like in the desert.