What are healthy alternatives to junk food?

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There the obvious alternatives such as fruits and vegetables. There are also low-calorie, sugar free, fat free foods you can find everywhere. Be sure to check the fat content and sugar content, you may be getting deceived.
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What does junk food do to you?

Unhealthy/junk food, can give you . heart disease . liver failure . weight gain . lack of energy . lack of concentration . and diabetes

What is junk food?

Anything that is highly processed, contains large amounts of fat or is cooked in hot fat, has lots of sugar, is low on fiber, has additives and preservatives, or comes in a jar, box, or can. In other words, most of the food we eat. Un healthy foods that are high in calories and are bad for you

How and why does healthy food give us energy and junk food does not?

Healthy food provides your body with nutrients that it needs to function and have energy. Junk food lacks nutrients that your body needs. That is why it is called 'junk'. Instead you may be getting food additives that may be tasty, but are of no benefit to you.

Can junk food be healthy for you?

Junk food is not typically healthy for you - this is why it'scalled "junk" food. Eating healthier foods will make you feelbetter overall.

What is junk foods?

Junk foods are foods that have very little or no nutritional value. They usually contain high amounts of sugar. Some examples are potato chips, cupcakes, pies, soft drinks, cookies, etc.

What is in junk food?

iet and lifestyle are the major factors leading to many diseases.Wrong eating habits, junk food, drug abuse, tobacco smoking andalcohol drinking as well as lack of exercise may increase the riskof developing certain diseases, especially later in life. "Junk food" is a term used for the food that is ( Full Answer )

What are the junk foods?

Any foods which has bad nutritional worth is regarded unhealthyand might be known as junk foods. Junk foods are usually preparedto consume comfort meals containing higher levels of saturatedfats, salt, or sugar; and small or no fruit, veggies, or dietarybreakneck food is simple to carry, buy and con ( Full Answer )

What is difference between healthy food and junk food?

Healthy Food: Food that is helpful to the body. Examples of healthy food include: fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. These are best eaten raw (ie fruits or vegetables) or cooked (ie meat) with minimal previous processing. . Junk food: Food that can harm rather than help the body. Examples are: chips an ( Full Answer )

Is there any healthy junk food?

I suggest eating the insides of the burger or chicken sandwich. If you need bread the bottom of the sandwich or burger (a bit messy yes). Also the new wraps are a bit better. I try to get SENIOR size sodas or water. Weight watchers has a dining out pamphlet that would help. Also SUBWAY will give you ( Full Answer )

What are The difference between junk food and healthy food?

The Difference is that : - Junk food would make u fat, while healthy food would not ! - Healthy food are nutritious but junk food are not JUNK FOOD ROCKS :D i think healthy food is like fruit and veg and stuff, but junk food is kind of crisps, chocolate, chips, sweets, blah blah blah.... ok basic ( Full Answer )

What is does junk food do to you?

Unlike protein, dairy, fruits, and veggies, junk food has no value. It might fill you up for maybe an hour, but then your body stores it as fat. Some people eat too much junk food and they become unhealthy. They might be headed towards some cancers. Obesity is a sickness you get when you eat too muc ( Full Answer )

Does junk food make you run as fast as you do when you eat healthy food?

This is my own question and I really would like someone to help me figure it out! Well no junk food shouldn't make you run faster it should make you go slower as junk food gives you so many calories you get bigger round the waist wich makes it harder to run if you eat healthy food youre body can ac ( Full Answer )

Do people prefer healthy snacks or junk food?

Most people find that junk food is sweeter and tastier. If you put a donut and an apple in front of one hundred people. About 90 people would go for the donut. About 10 people would go for the apple. Which is better for you? Well the apple is. Why do people like the donut so much? It is the tastier ( Full Answer )

Should you eat as much junk food then healthy food?

No, not at all! Junk food is very unhealty (it is "junk", essentially, as the name says) and should only be eaten rarely or as a special treat. At all other times, a person should strive to have a healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious diet.

Is it difficult to categories as junk or healthy?

Not really, no. Healty foods would be those that contain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, ect.) and are not high in things like saturated or trans fats. "Junk" foods would be those that are high in calories, sugars, fats, carbs, and have little nutritional value.

Difference between healthy food and junk food?

i truly believe the most healthy food is anything GOD HIMSELF created to be food/drink. i also acknowledge, that a budget doesn't always allow for limiting our food purchase to ONLY these foods and/or GROWING/RAISING these foods. what has worked for me? NOTHING IN EXCESS. guaranteed this will stand ( Full Answer )

What food is junk food and what food is not junk food?

Junk food is food that has little or no nutritional value. It is high in sugar, salt, fat and calories. It's typically in the form of packaged snacks, needs little or no preparation, and can cause you to overeat. It contain little protein, vitamins or minerals. Junk food is very appealing but of ver ( Full Answer )

Why are junk foods considered junk?

A junk-food diet typically features a high proportion of processed and fried foods, refined sugars and cereals, processed meat, candy and chocolate and high-fatdairy products. Junk food is known as such because its nutritional value is typically outweighed by the dangers it poses to your overall hea ( Full Answer )

Do adolescents eat junk food or healthy food?

Adolescents are individuals and they make individual choices, they don't all eat the same thing. That said, I will concede that junk food does appeal to many adolescents (as well as many people of other age groups). ------------------- Yes, they eat both, am an adolescent and I love junk food.. ( Full Answer )

Can certain junk foods be healthy?

We have to understand that there is a difference between JUNK FOOD and FAST FOOD. Junk food is that, junk ! Fast food on the other hand is not always unhealthy but you will know the difference after you had it. Compare a burger to a nice healthy chicken salad. Remember though, any food that contains ( Full Answer )

How do you distinguish between junk food and healthy food?

Junk food is man-made, highly processed items, such as packaged cookies, Cheetos, and fast food like McDonald's. Healthy food consists of natural items, like fresh fruits and vegetables that are eaten with little or no processing.

Is eating junk food healthy?

Obviously not or there wouldn't be such an epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes.

What food are junk?

Food that is unhealthy is junk food like potato chips, ice cream, candy, cake and many more.

Are weight loss foods a healthy alternative to regular foods?

Most weight loss foods are not a healthy alternative to regular foods since they tend to lack the needed essential nutrional value of fruits and vegetables that are a staple of a healthy diet. Also, weight loss foods can be known to pack a lot of sugar in them also which slows digestion and metaboli ( Full Answer )

What is a healthy junk food?

The question itself is a paradox, so I assume you want a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth or stave off junk cravings. For sweet: fruit salads, smoothies. I like berries in a bowl with a little yogurt to coat it all, and granola for crunch. If potato chips the problem, take corn chips and e ( Full Answer )

Why junk food are not healthy?

Because it has fat lots of salt and sugar it can overload and swell your body so stick with the healthy triangle and you will stay the way your body needs to be that is why i love biology and science so much

What are alternate choices to junk food?

I am glad you want to know. there are lots of healthier alternatives to junk food. Here are just a few: - If you like potato chips, you can eat apple chips instead . They are dehydrated apples, and they are really good.. Just make sure they are pure apples, and don't contain any sugar. - instead ( Full Answer )

Can junk food be part of your healthy diet?

Yes - PROVIDED it's eaten as part of a balanced meal. There's no harm in the occasional intake of 'junk food' - so long as he rest of your diet is balanced and healthy.

Why does junk food taste better than healthy food?

Junk food is added some ajinamoto or other seasonings in it rather than healthy food contains no ingredients like the junk food does. Some healthy food added chemical to it which makes the taste worse.

Does healthy food have nutrients that junk food does not?

Of course healthy food has more nutrients. Unrefined foods, such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains, have fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are often missing from refined or "junk" foods like white flour, white sugar, and butter.

Why do you have junk food?

why do we eat junk food? because it an addiction of good sweet or salty foods that you cannot stop eating so if you start then you cannot stop so don't start it will make you blow up and that means make you fat or bigger than you are already are

Why do people eat junk food instead of being healthy?

People eat junk food instead of being healthy because they find junk food much more delicious than healthy food. Feel free to edit this if you have some sort of, " scientific reason."

What makes food junk food?

Food is junk food when it is of low nutritional or health value Related Information: A lot of sugar is one thing. Deep fried is another. Covered in grease is bad (unless you remove the grease by some means like a napkin). Food colorings and dyes make food bad for you. Chemicals like High Fruct ( Full Answer )

Which fast food restaurants offer healthy alternatives on their menus?

Fast food restaurants are becoming more aware of the health benefits that need to be offered to their customers and therefore a number of fast food restaurants are now offering healthy alternatives. Some of these restaurant are McDonald's, Taco Bell and Wendy's.

Can junk food be part of a healthy diet?

As the expert said, junk food is called "junk" for a reason. Junkfood is generally full of sugar or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)and has little, if any, nutritional value. It is not a part of ahealthy diet. However, if you have junk food very occasionally, it will nothinder your healthy eating pla ( Full Answer )